Unrest in Ladakh: Encroachment by China and Corporate Threats Ignite Protests

Amidst the imposition of Section 144 and arrests of activists, concerns rise over the government's response to the Pashmina March and climate protests led by Sonam Wangchuk.

So, it’s clear now that China has encroached on our land in Ladakh, and corporates are poised to spoil the natural habitat of India’s most beautiful city. If it’s not, then why impose Section 144 and ban internet in Ladakh just before the Pashmina March? Which is hoing to happen on 7th April. Today, it came as a shocking piece of news for me, and I am sure for all Indian citizens, when Sonam Wangchuk informs on X (Foremly Twitter) that people are getting arrested, and the administration is forcing them to sign a bond. Yesterday, several people who were part of the Climate Fast Campaign were arrested by the Ladakh police and later released when several leaders and media people reached the police station.

The Narendra Modi government has reached the pinnacle of its oppressive and unconstitutional tactics. Sonam Wangchuk is not just an engineer, educator, or activist; he emerges as a national hero, a genuine patriot deeply committed to the welfare of our beloved nation, India.

The Climate Fast is India’s most peaceful protest, wherein Sonam Wangchuk started a fast for 21 days under open skies and in sub-zero temperatures. Thousands of people from Ladakh and across India joined this movement, protesting peacefully by fasting (living on water and salt only). In the past 30 days, nobody from the ruling Modi government bothered to talk to these people. I am shocked “How any government in the world can ignore when thousands of its people are fasting”.

In his small video circulated on X, Sonam Wangchuk showcased various internal documents that indicate the administration is preparing similar arrangements to those made during the Farmer Protest. The administration is preparing to stop the Pashmina March by using tear gas, imposing Section 144, banning internet, and making illegal arrests. What’s going on in this country?

I am even more puzzled as to why India’s mainstream media is silent on such a sensitive matter. I think stopping Sonam Wangchuk will be the most weird decision ever taken by Modi and Shah Government. It will backfire on them severely. I personally feel Modi and Shah have no idea about their own country. Only a fool would make such an act. “Time will soon change everything. Nothing is permanent here.


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