Editorial Policy

Digpu.com has always maintained a policy that it would uphold the general interest of the public by adhering to honest journalism. In our untiring efforts towards ensuring a free voice with a critical edge, Digpu News has formulated a policy that makes sure that all editorial articles stand close to the masses that think and act sensibly. Our editors, writers, and contributors always ensure that no articles published in the website would, in any manner, unlawfully or viciously hurt anyone. All news reports shall tread the honest and truthful path.

Digpu.com shall always ensure that the website would not entertain or publish:

  • News that contains unproven statements and non-reproducible figures in revenue statements, financial reports and funding announcements.
  • News that are offensive, defamatory, obscene, abusive, pornographic, abusive, hurtful or personal content.
  • Any content which may incite violence or constitute sensitive information that forms a part of the National Security.
  • Chit-fund appeals, spam content, or suspicious proposals pertaining to known or unknown entities.
  • Content containing criticism against any gender, religion, political party or a business competitor.
  • Content that do not stand by the public interest.
  • Facts and opinions that do not help a democratic society develop, progress or make responsible judgment. Content that do not agree to the principle that all persons are equal before the law.
  • Content that is not compatible with honest journalism.
  • Content obtained through dishonest or unfair means, or whatever that would involve a breach of confidence.
  • Content that does not base itself on objective reporting, free expression of opinion and critical debate.
  • Content that are inaccurate, misleading or distorted.
  • News articles that has the slightest malice or dishonest motives. All news published shall be based on a fair account of all available facts.
  • News that would mislead the public.
  • News reports that reveal the identity of rape victims and other victims of sexual violence shall not be published.
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