In a first, Kashmiri teacher develops solar-powered car

After 11 years of research and laborious work, the innovator has succeeded in turning his curiosity into a real endeavour by developing an inexpensive electric car that runs on solar energy

Bilal Ahmed, a math teacher from the Sanat Nagar area in Jammu and Kashmir’s capital city of Srinagar, has developed a Maruti-800 into a fully solar-powered innovative car.

Given that electric automobiles appear to be a significant part of our future due to the depletion of our natural resources on the one hand and the rapidly increasing rate of inflation on the other, Bilal wants to change the perception of common people about EVs.

Inexpensive electric car operates on solar energy

While buying an EV may only remain a dream for some people, the Kashmiri teacher with a passion for cars took matters into his own hands. After 11 years of research and arduous efforts, he finally managed to turn his interest into a serious endeavour by creating an inexpensive electric car that operates on solar energy.

The solar car is built on a somewhat modified Maruti Suzuki 800 model and the most striking modification is how the front doors of the car open like falcon wings, similar to the Tesla Model X.

With this innovative modification, getting into and out of the car is simpler and also gives the car a more upscale appearance.

The solar-powered Maruti 800 has solar panels on the front over the hood and on the doors. These may also be seen affixed to the car’s back glass and rear door. There is a charging station inside the car as well.

Bilal aspires to provide high-end inexpensive cars for common people

According to Mr Bilal, he aspires to provide high-end but inexpensive cars for the average individual. He says, “Cars like Mercedes, Ferrari and BMW are believed to be a fantasy for ordinary people. Such cars are exclusive to the wealthy. So, I thought it would be fantastic to give common people a sense of luxury with this invention.”

After watching several videos about car modifications on YouTube, Ahmed has started altering the car and adding new features. “Initially, I had planned to make a car for the disabled, but owing to certain financial difficulties, I was unable to proceed with the same,” he stated.

Monocrystalline solar panels power up the car

Due to their capacity to produce maximum power even with the least amount of solar radiation, the Srinagar resident chose a certain type of solar panel to build the automobile.

The inventor disclosed that the vehicle would exclusively be powered by the electrical energy produced by the monocrystalline solar panels and that it would have characteristics comparable to those of existing luxury models. Additionally, the panels are meant to be effective and take up little space.

J&K’s former CM recognizes the innovative car

Even the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah while reacting to the teacher’s innovative car said that it appears to him that the car may one day be able to fly.

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