Sugar-Milk-Salt (Season One)

Dive into the essence of human life with Digpu’s talk show, ‘Sugar-Milk-Salt – Season (1) One .‘ This series delves into the intricate layers of human life, drawing parallels between the sweetness of sugar, the fortitude of milk, and the complexities of salt. From celebrities to everyday individuals, each guest shares their unique narrative, unravelling the threads of sweetness, strength, and occasional adversity that intricately define every human journey.”

I Once Dived into the River, Not Knowing How to Swim, in a Desperate Attempt to End My Life – Kailash Kher

“DATE – It is a Date with Ocean” Afroz Shah (The Champions of Earth)

“Majoritisim is the order of the day” – Prakash Jha

Police personnel need to work on their behaviour towards common people – Quaiser Khalid (A Poet and an IPS Officer)

More than 1300 films lost their prints due to negligence of industry & Govt – SMM Ausaja (Indian Film Historian)

I still remember the moment when Pandit Nehru gave me the batchKishore Desai (The Mandolin Men of India)

No Nepotism in the voice Industry and people are judged based on their talentDarrpan Mehta (India’s No. 1 Voice Artist)

“In the realm of public affairs, it’s not always about what politicians assert or what survey reports indicate; the true pulse lies in the narratives of everyday individuals. Introducing ‘Voices Unheard: Public Grievance Chronicle,‘ a platform dedicated to amplifying the genuine concerns and experiences of the common people. In this program, we delve into the unfiltered voices of the masses, shedding light on the challenges they face, their aspirations, and the issues that truly matter to them. Join us as we bridge the gap between public sentiment and the corridors of power, fostering a dialogue for positive change and a more responsive governance.”

Indian Weavers Are Facing A Huge Crisis In The Wake Of Covid

Indian weavers are facing a huge crisis in the wake of COVID-19. Most of the weavers who come from Assam and other districts in Bengal could not join work. Adding to their problems is the rapid expansion of power looms and rapiers. From Cooch Behar alone, 10,000-15,000 weavers come to Fulia.

Petrol Price in Mumbai is 106.30 & diesel costs 94.26, people are struggling

Inflation is an issue on which various claims are made. Politicians may say anything in their speeches and rallies, but the reality is that a large section of India is distressed by inflation and unemployment. See what the common people think about inflation in our ground report.

A Village in India without electricity for 02 decades – Special Report by Digpu News

The villagers of a remote village in central Kashmir’s Budgam district have been running from pillar to post with their pleas, asking officials to restore electricity to their village for the last many decades.

“In the dust clouds of Veera Desai Road, Mumbai

For years, the condition of the worn-out roads in the Veera Desai Road area of Mumbai, the economic capital of India, has adversely affected people of all ages – children, elderly, and youth alike. See Digpu News’ exclusive ground report.

When considering the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, the immediate associations often revolve around themes of terrorism, firearms, military presence, and border disputes with neighboring Pakistan. The Kashmir valley, owing to its strategic geography and abundant resources such as fruits, dry fruits, and carpets, remains a region marred by conflict. Despite the challenges posed by its tumultuous environment, the resilience and talent of its people persist.

Introducing “Dil-Paziir,” an Urdu term meaning “Heart Pleasing.” Within this segment, we aim to curate and showcase stories that captivate the hearts of our audience from the Kashmir Valley in Season one. Dil-Paziir (Season 1) serves as a platform to spotlight the remarkable tales of talent and creativity emerging from this region. Under Dil-Paziir we try to reach the talented and creative people of Kashmir. Watch stories of Kashmir’s most talented and creative people.

When PM Modi praised a pencil slat factory owner in his program ‘Mann Ki Baat

Manzoor Ahmad Allaie, a pencil slat factory owner from Kashmir Valley’s Pulwama district, was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed in the 70th episode of his monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday.

Shopian Youth Innovates Novel Supply Chain For Apple Fruit

A 29-year-old youth from south Kashmir’s Shopian district has come up with an innovative supply chain for apple fruit, enabling him to supply the fruit not just locally but globally as well.

Prism of Art – She converts fallen Chinar Leaves to mind-blowing art

Can you imagine a 3D Forest made up of plastic waste and foam or a beautiful painting of a fallen Chinar Leaf? Tabish Aijaz Khan, an MBBS student from Kashmir made more than 150 paintings from the waste material.

J&K’s NEET Topper from Pulwama

Hailing from southern Kashmir’s Pulwama district, Khan Basit Bilal has achieved a remarkable feat of emerging as Jammu and Kashmir’s topper in the recently declared Undergraduate National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2020 results.

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