You must have seen news channels/publishers involved in PR activities to make extra earnings. But, have you ever seen a company that is making an impact in the industry start as a PR company then convert into journalism? It seems awkward in the current scenarios of the world. But it is true with us. Digpu.Com (Free Voice With A Critical Edge), initially developed to showcase branded content from startups, mid-size companies, and corporates, and by 2021 onwards, it turned out to be one of the most reliable sources of news worldwide. Today, in 2024, our readers are in every corner of the world., founded in December 2018 by (Kunwar) Devender Singh, stands as a pioneering venture under the umbrella of Digpu News Network—the largest Digital PR and news content curation company in India.

Our Roots:

Originally conceived to showcase the narratives of Indian creative startups and MSMEs, evolved in response to the prevailing state of the Indian News Industry. Recognizing the dominance of corporate and political influences over mainstream media, transformed into a dynamic and comprehensive digital news channel, breaking free from the constraints that often shape other news publishers.

Free Voice With A Critical Edge:

At, we embody the spirit of ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge.‘ Our mission is to reinvent the very idea of news. Launched in 2018, our independent daily English online news channel has set the standard for true journalism—emphasizing accuracy, reliability, relevance, and impartiality.

A New Era Of News:

In a world saturated with data, focuses on self-growth, knowledge acquisition, and productivity. We champion positive news, highlighting the accomplishments and innovations of individuals and companies across diverse fields. As the fine line between news and fake news blurs, Digpu News Network aims to promote innovators, achievers, and positive change agents in society.

Impactful And Unbiased Journalism:

Observing the shift of journalism towards biased branding and divisive influences, emerged as a response to the deviation from the essence of communication. We refuse to be part of a media landscape reduced to political analogies and hate-mongering prime times. Our commitment lies in impactful and unbiased journalism, free from affiliations, gains, or ulterior motives.

Fuelled by a passion for meaningful and powerful journalism, represents a beacon of independence and integrity in the ever-evolving landscape of digital news. Join us as we continue to empower a new era of informed, unbiased, and impactful storytelling.

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