Rahul Gandhi Unveils Ambitious Manifesto: A Game-Changer in Indian Politics

Pledges Massive Relief Measures and Reforms, Threatens to Upend Modi's Reign.

On April 11th, speaking from Rajasthan, Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi (the Prime Ministerial Face for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections from the opposition) did something that could deal a significant blow to Narendra Modi and the BJP. He commenced his speech by declaring, “Every poor person will receive one lakh rupees (8500 per month).

“Every 1st day of the month, every Indian below the poverty line will receive Rs. 8500 monthly until they no longer fall below the poverty line.” This announcement could severely impact the BJP, as no one has ever made such a promise before. According to the latest data from the World Bank, among others, 6.9% of the population in India lives below the national poverty line. Offering one lakh rupees annually to the impoverished will provide substantial relief to those struggling for survival.

Rahul Gandhi Unveils Ambitious Manifesto: A Game-Changer in Indian Politics

Reservation for Women:

In addition to this, there will be a 50% reservation for women in government jobs, and women working in Anganwadi and Asha (Accredited Social Health Activist) schemes will now receive double income. Currently, there are 23,29,000 women working under these schemes, making it a significant factor in terms of votes.

30 Lakh Government Jobs:

Unemployment remains one of the most pressing issues for Indian youth. Keeping this in mind, Rahul Gandhi pledged to immediately fill the 30 lakh vacancies left vacant by Narendra Modi once in power. This step will provide immediate relief to 30 lakh families. Considering a minimum of four dependents per family, this initiative will positively impact over 1.20 crore people directly.

One Year of Apprenticeship for Every Educated Indian:

Another groundbreaking initiative is providing one year of apprenticeship with one lakh rupees compensation for every educated person. This move aims to attract a large segment of educated youth towards apprenticeships, a privilege previously accessible mainly to affluent individuals. These apprenticeships will be available in private firms, public companies, and the government sector, ensuring widespread opportunity.

Cancellation of Agniveer Scheme:

Many youths, especially in states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Punjab, aspire to serve in the army. However, the Agniveer scheme has disappointed numerous aspiring soldiers. Rahul Gandhi assured that this scheme, not endorsed by the Indian Army, will be canceled once in power, as it was introduced by PM Narendra Modi’s administration.

Legal Guarantee on MSP:

For years, a significant portion of farmers has been protesting for a legal guarantee on Minimum Support Price (MSP). Rahul Gandhi highlighted the Modi government’s failure in addressing this demand, citing over 700 farmer deaths during protests. Promising to implement legal MSP for Indian farmers, he emphasized the importance of this measure.

Loan Relief for Farmers:

Additionally, Rahul Gandhi pledged to provide loan relief to every Indian farmer, similar to the relief extended to big corprates by the Modi government (16 lakh crore).

Electoral Bond Scam:

In his speech, Rahul Gandhi exposed the Electoral Bond scam orchestrated by the Modi government. He detailed how the scheme facilitates opaque donations to political parties, benefiting big corporations while compromising democratic transparency.

End to Contractor System:

Finally, Rahul Gandhi announced the abolition of the Contractor System (Thekedari) if elected. Under this system, government contracts are often awarded unfairly. Instead, under Congress rule, deserving individuals will receive contracts directly, ensuring transparency and fairness.


Rahul Gandhi’s speech and promises represent a significant challenge to Narendra Modi and the BJP. Such comprehensive and empathetic initiatives have rarely been witnessed in India’s political landscape. In contrast, Modi’s rallies often resort to blaming the Congress party without addressing critical issues like inflation and unemployment. Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Rajasthan is a significant victory for the Indian Alliance. The primary challenge lies in disseminating this message widely; if the Indian Alliance can achieve this, victory in the elections seems certain, despite the mainstream media’s apparent bias towards the BJP.

You can watch Rahul Gandhi’s speech here:


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