Sex Scandal Rocks Indian Politics: Prajwal Revanna Flees Amid Allegations

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Propel Prajwal Revanna Into Political Exile as Scandal Engulfs Karnataka.

Karnataka, 29 April 2024: In a scandal that has shaken the political landscape of India, Prajwal Revanna, a Member of Parliament from Karnataka, grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, and scion of the influential Janata Dal (Secular) party, has fled the country amidst allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

The controversy erupted when explicit videos, purportedly featuring Prajwal Revanna engaging in sexual acts, surfaced on social media just days before the crucial elections in the Hassan constituency of Karnataka. The videos, which allegedly show him assaulting multiple women, sparked outrage and condemnation across the nation.

Sex Scandal Rocks Indian Politics: Prajwal Revanna Flees Amid Allegations

A case has been filed against Prajwal Revanna, with accusations ranging from sexual assault to misbehavior with minors. One woman has come forward, claiming she was sexually abused multiple times between 2019 and 2022, and that Prajwal Revanna also engaged in inappropriate behavior with her daughter over a video call.

The scandal deepened further when the accuser implicated Prajwal’s father, HD Revanna, a prominent politician in Karnataka, alleging that he too was involved in the sexual assault. These allegations have not only tarnished the reputation of the Revanna family but have also raised questions about the safety and security of women in positions of vulnerability.

Despite vehemently denying the allegations and claiming that the videos were doctored, Prajwal Revanna found himself at the center of a storm of controversy. With mounting pressure from various quarters, including the Karnataka Women’s Commission, the state government swiftly formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the matter.

However, even before the investigation could progress, Prajwal Revanna left for Germany, reportedly fleeing the country to evade legal scrutiny. The decision to flee has only fueled speculation and intensified public scrutiny of his actions.

Congress Spokesperson Supriya Shrinate condemned the alleged actions of Prajwal Revanna and criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for their support of him. She highlighted Modi’s past interactions with Prajwal Revanna and accused the BJP of ignoring warnings about his behavior. Shrinate’s comments underscored the broader political ramifications of the scandal, casting a shadow over Modi’s rhetoric on women’s empowerment and the BJP’s commitment to justice.

As the scandal continues to unravel, the spotlight remains firmly on Prajwal Revanna, whose sudden departure has only added to the mystery surrounding the case. With calls for his extradition growing louder, the future of one of Karnataka’s most influential political dynasties hangs in the balance, while the quest for justice for the victims of these alleged crimes remains paramount.

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