When Government Files Go Up in Flames: The Income Tax Office Fire Fiasco

Delhi's Smoky Secrets: Fires, Files, and Political Flames.

In an event that seems almost scripted for a political thriller, the Income Tax office in New Delhi caught fire on May 14, 2024, just days after a similar blaze at the Home Ministry office. This incident has sparked a blaze of its own in the political arena, with critics suggesting that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), facing potential defeat in the upcoming elections, is attempting to destroy incriminating files.

A Pattern of Convenient Fires

The fire at Income Tax office, started around 3 PM, saw 21 fire tenders rushing to the scene. The fatality was a 46-year-old office superintendent who died of suffocation after being found unconscious at the scene. He was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital​. This incident follows closely on the heels of a fire at the Home Ministry, which also raised eyebrows and suspicion about the timing and locationThis incident follows closely on the heels of a fire at the Home Ministry, which also raised eyebrows and suspicion about the timing and location.

Video – Fire at 3rd floor of Income Tax Office , Delhi

History Repeats Itself

Interestingly, history seems to have a penchant for repeating itself. Similar “accidental” fires have occurred in government offices at crucial political junctures. Critics argue these fires are no mere coincidence but a calculated move to erase potentially damaging evidence.

Political Accusations Fly

Opposition parties have not held back. They allege that the BJP, led by PM Narendra Modi, is orchestrating these incidents to cover their tracks. The theory is that with elections around the corner, erasing files that could implicate them in corruption or maladministration is a desperate last-ditch effort to stay in power.

The Smokescreen of Blame

While the Delhi fire services and police investigate the cause, the opposition’s narrative is gaining traction. Social media is ablaze with memes and satirical takes, suggesting that the BJP has found a new way to handle “hot” files – literally.

Safety and Accountability

In all seriousness, these incidents highlight significant concerns about safety and accountability in government buildings. With crucial files and data at risk, the question remains: are these fires simply accidents, or is there a more sinister plot at play?

As the investigation unfolds, one thing is certain: the flames of controversy are far from being extinguished.


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