Netizens Troll PM Modi Over Adani-Ambani Speech: A Satirical Take on Indian Politics

Modi's Allegations Backfire: Social Media Satire Takes Center Stage in Indian Political Arena.

In a recent speech from Karimnagar, Telangana, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stirred the political pot yet again, this time pointing fingers at the opposition Congress for allegedly cozying up to business magnates Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani. However, instead of instilling fear or gaining support, Modi’s accusations have sparked a wave of trolling and satire across social media platforms.

Since Modi came into power, the meteoric rise in the worth of the Adani Group, reportedly more than 500%, has raised eyebrows and suspicions. Gautam Adani’s net worth in 2013 was $3.1 billion, skyrocketing to $90 billion by 2022. The perceived proximity between Modi and Adani has long been a subject of speculation, with opposition leader Rahul Gandhi seizing the opportunity to highlight their alleged relationship, much to Modi’s discomfort.

Netizens wasted no time in taking jabs at Modi’s rhetoric. One user on X quipped, “For the sake of power, he can betray his friends Ambani and Adani. He can even betray the people of the country.” This sentiment was echoed by another user who speculated about an impending change in power dynamics, citing Modi’s supposed “betrayal” of his business allies as a sign of his imminent downfall.

The satire didn’t end there. Another user humorously questioned whether Modi had received a “wrong scriptor if the political winds had shifted directions. Meanwhile, the Congress party added fuel to the fire by releasing a video of Rahul Gandhi continuously harping on the Adani-Ambani connection during his rallies.

Congress leaders Supriya Shrinate and Pawan Khera didn’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on Modi’s remarks, with Shrinate insinuating that Modi’s allegations had exposed corruption and Pawan Khera likening Modi’s actions to a parent turning against their own children.

Rahul Gandhi raising connections between PM Modi and Adani in several rallies.

The tide of public opinion seemed to turn against Modi, with users noting a perceived “fear of defeat” on his face and questioning his sudden change in stance towards Adani and Ambani, whom he allegedly “fed” for ten years. Social media was flooded with hashtags like #Adani and #Ambani, accompanied by photos of Modi cozying up to the very individuals he now appeared to be criticizing.

Indeed, the ongoing Lok Sabha elections have unfolded like a Bollywood drama, with each phase adding new twists and turns to the narrative. As the nation eagerly awaits the remaining phases of the elections, one thing remains clear: Modi’s attempt to shift the spotlight onto Adani and Ambani has backfired, transforming the political landscape into a spectacle ripe for satire and scrutiny.

Netizens Troll PM Modi Over Adani-Ambani Speech: A Satirical Take on Indian Politics
PM Modi and Gautam Adani in chartered flight; netizens troll

In conclusion, Modi’s recent tirade against Adani and Ambani has not only failed to resonate with the public but has also provided fodder for relentless trolling and satire. As the political drama unfolds, only time will tell how this chapter in Indian politics will ultimately be remembered.


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