Caught in a Parcel Scam Call: A Close Call with Fraudsters

Navigating a Sophisticated Scam: Peeush's Brush with Deception.

Peeush received a call from a number claiming to be DHL, informing him via a recorded message that his parcel had been halted due to unlawful contents. He was prompted to press 1 for further details, which he did. Upon doing so, Peeush was connected to an individual who provided intricate details about a parcel purportedly sent from Mumbai to China using his name and Aadhar details, thus falling victim to a sophisticated parcel scam call.”

The details provided sounded elaborate, including information such as DHL Mumbai Andheri Head Branch, document number IN77769, delivery date 30-04-2024, and the recipient’s address in Shanghai, China. The contents were listed as a bunch of ATM cards, 4 kilograms of clothes, 15 passports, a laptop, and MDMA. The individual identifying himself as Arvind Joshi, with an employee ID of S770399, offered to connect Peeush with the Police helpline in Andheri, Mumbai, to file a complaint.

A call was made, supposedly from the Andheri police station, but Peeush noticed discrepancies such as low network quality and the use of an international number with a Greater Mumbai Police profile picture on WhatsApp video call. The person on the call, now claiming to be named Shri Rajesh, insisted on Peeush visiting Mumbai to meet him and record a testimony for senior officials.

Parcel Scam Exposed A Close Call with Fraudsters
(L) Phone No Claiming DHL CCE (R) Whats App No Claimimg a Cop (Fraud Nos)

However, Peeush grew suspicious and disconnected the call. He then contacted DHL’s helpline and provided the document numbers, only to learn that it was indeed a scam. Peeush was astounded by the efficiency and brazenness of the scammers, realizing how easily an unsuspecting citizen could fall victim to such tactics.

As an educated and aware individual, Peeush was able to sense the suspicious nature of the call. However, he couldn’t help but ponder how easily a common citizen, unaccustomed to such situations, could fall prey to the scammers’ schemes.

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