Putin Open to Ukraine Talks, Commends China’s Peace Efforts

Russian President Emphasizes the Importance of Including All Parties' Interests and Highlights Strong Russia-China Relations.

Beijing, 15 May 2024: Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Moscow is willing to discuss the situation in Ukraine, highlighting China’s positive role in seeking a political solution. According to Beijing’s Xinhua News Agency, Putin emphasized that Russia has never refused to negotiate and is committed to finding a comprehensive, lasting, and fair resolution to the conflict through peaceful means. He stressed that any negotiations must consider the interests of all countries involved, including Russia.

Putin made these remarks in a written interview with Xinhua before his two-day state visit to China, which begins on Thursday. He praised China’s understanding of the origins and global impact of the Ukraine crisis. Referring to China’s 12-point proposal for resolving the crisis, issued in February 2023, Putin said the suggestions show China’s sincere desire to stabilize the situation. He also supported the recent peace principles proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which emphasize moving beyond Cold War thinking, ensuring shared security, and respecting international law and the UN Charter.

Russian President Putin also noted the significance of this year for both Russia and China, as October marks the 75th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. He highlighted the strong and enduring friendship between the two nations, which has become a key aspect of their bilateral relations. He pointed out the rapid growth in trade between Russia and China, which has doubled in the past five years. China has been Russia’s largest trading partner for 13 years in a row, and in 2023, Russia ranked fourth among China’s trading partners.

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