Postponing the Pashmina March: A Prudent Move by the People of Ladakh

Navigating Political Tension: Ladakh's Prudent Postponement of Pashmina March.

Ladakh: The decision to postpone the Pashmina March, originally scheduled for April 7th, by Sonam Wangchuk and the Climate Fast Apex Body, reflects a mature and peaceful approach amidst escalating tensions. The cancellation comes in response to the government’s heavy-handed tactics, including the imposition of Section 144, internet shutdowns, and the arrest of young members of the Apex Body, coupled with the deployment of large forces to thwart the march.

As Sonam Wangchuk had previously stated, the government’s response would depend on the situation at the border. With Subramanian Swamy‘s revelation that China has encroached 4052 sq km land on Ladakh territory, it’s evident that the government’s assurances have been misleading. The looming threat of a clash akin to the situation in Manipur necessitated a cautious reevaluation of the march’s timing.

Amidst the political backdrop of upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the government’s attempts to suppress dissent, the decision to postpone the march emerges as a reasonable and prudent choice. The primary objective of the Pashmina March, to survey border areas and assess corporate encroachments on shepherd lands, remains paramount.

The resilience and patriotism displayed by the people of Ladakh stand in stark contrast to the government’s disregard for their welfare and international reputation. Despite the setback, the postponement ensures that the ultimate goal of the march—to shed light on ground realities and advocate for truth, democracy, and environmental protection—is not lost.

In his message of gratitude, Sonam Wangchuk acknowledges the widespread support for Ladakh’s cause across various cities, emphasizing the significance of standing up for truth and democracy. He underscores the Indian Army’s capability to address intrusions at the Line of Actual Control if political interference is minimized.

In conclusion, while the postponement may delay the march, it underscores the resilience and commitment of the people of Ladakh to uphold their principles peacefully, despite government obstacles.

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