Sonam Wangchuk Completes 14-Day of Climate Fast, Assures Concerned Citizens of Good Health

Renowned Environmentalist's Endurance Demonstrates Commitment to Climate Action.

Ladakh: Sonam Wangchuk, the renowned environmentalist and founder of the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL), has successfully concluded his 14-day fast, marking a significant milestone in his ongoing climate protest. Amid concerns expressed by people nationwide urging him to prioritize his health, Wangchuk provided an update on his physical well-being.

In a message on X (Formely Tweeter) marking the end of his fast, Wangchuk assured his followers that he is “more than alive & … just a bit less than kicking.” His statement came with detailed medical parameters obtained during a recent physician’s visit, validating his claim of maintaining good health despite the prolonged fasting period.

According to the medical report shared by Wangchuk, his blood pressure stood at a healthy 120/70, with a pulse rate of 72 beats per minute. Additionally, his blood oxygen level was measured at 94%, reflecting adequate oxygenation in his body. Notably, his blood sugar level was recorded at a low 75, a result of abstaining from food intake for the entirety of the 14 days. However, the presence of ketones in his urine, indicated by a ketone count of 3+, indicates the body’s transition to utilizing fats for energy, a natural process that occurs during prolonged fasting.

Addressing the concerns raised by well-wishers across India, Wangchuk reassured them not to worry about his health, citing the medical examination results as evidence of his well-being. His commitment to the cause of climate action remains resolute, as demonstrated by his willingness to endure physical hardship for the greater environmental good.

Wangchuk’s fast, conducted under the hashtag #CLIMATEFAST, is part of his ongoing campaign to raise awareness about the urgent need for climate action. His dedication to the cause has earned him widespread admiration and support from environmental activists, students, and concerned citizens alike.

As Wangchuk emerges from his fast, his message resonates not only with the Indian populace but also with global audiences, emphasizing the importance of individual sacrifice and collective action in confronting the existential threat of climate change. With his health intact and his resolve undiminished, Sonam Wangchuk continues to inspire hope and drive change in the fight against environmental degradation.

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