Sonam Wangchuk’s Climate Fast Enters 14th Day Amidst Growing Concerns

Sonam Wangchuk's #ClimateFast Continues Amidst Rising Concerns for Ladakh's Future.

As the sun rises on the 14th day of his #ClimateFast campaign, Sonam Wangchuk stands resolute alongside 250 dedicated individuals, braving the harsh cold of -12°C in Ladakh. Their mission: to safeguard Ladakh’s land, environment, and tribal indigenous culture from encroaching threats.

Wangchuk’s fast, a symbolic gesture of protest against the encroachment of prime pasture lands by Indian industrial plants to the south and Chinese expansion to the north, has garnered widespread attention. With nomads losing vital grazing lands and indigenous cultures under threat, the urgency of their cause cannot be overstated.

To shed light on the ground reality facing Ladakh, Wangchuk announces plans for a Border March, expected to mobilize 10,000 Ladakhi shepherds and farmers. This march aims to highlight the pressing need for action to protect the region’s natural resources and cultural heritage.

Amidst the grassroots movement, voices of concern emerge from across the nation. One user, commenting on social media platform X, highlights the dire consequences of industrial and territorial encroachments on Ladakh’s traditional way of life. They emphasize the importance of stable, locally-led governance, advocating for the implementation of the 6th Schedule with statehood model to preserve Ladakh’s unique identity within the larger framework of Indian diversity.

The resonance of Wangchuk’s protest extends far beyond the borders of Ladakh. Reports emerge of similar fasts taking place in cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, indicating a groundswell of support for the cause nationwide. This collective action underscores the gravity of the environmental and cultural challenges facing not just Ladakh, but the entire nation.

As Wangchuk and his supporters enter the 14th day of their #ClimateFast, their resolve remains unwavering. With each passing day, their message grows louder: the protection of Ladakh’s land, environment, and cultural heritage is not just a local issue, but a matter of national importance. It is a call to action for all Indians to stand in solidarity with the people of Ladakh and work towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

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