Sambit Patra’s Sycophancy Reaches New Heights: Equates Modi with God Jagannath

From Calling Modi the Father of the Nation to Declaring God Jagannath as Modi's Devotee, BJP Spokesperson Faces Backlash and Apologizes.

Sambit Patra has crossed all limits of sycophancy; it’s unbelievable. He didn’t even spare God Jagannath. First, the Modi sycophants started saying, “We will bring those who brought God Ram.” Then, in a TV debate with Kanhaiya Kumar, the same Sambit Patra called Narendra Modi the father of the nation. As if this level of sycophancy wasn’t enough, now Patra has gone around declaring God Jagannath to be a devotee of Modi. Do these sycophants of the Bharatiya Janata Party even understand the meaning of God? I don’t think they have any faith in God.

In a real sense, Modi is God for these followers. They have reached a level where they can’t think of achieving their dreams without him. Sambit Patra started his political career as a BJP spokesperson. He fought elections from the Puri (Odisha) constituency and lost. Not only that, but he is also the chairman of the India Tourism Development Corporation.

Recently, Sambit Patra’s statement made him a target of social media trolls when he said that God Jagannath is a devotee of Narendra Modi. Within a few hours, people started trolling him badly. Following this, Patra appeared on social media to apologize. He said on X (formerly Twitter), “Today, I am deeply troubled by the mistake I have made regarding Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath Ji. I bow down at the feet of Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath Ji and beg for forgiveness. I will be fasting for the next three days to correct my mistake and repent. Jai Jagannath. Today, on the occasion of Shri Narendra Modi’s arrival in Puri, I had a conversation with many media friends at Janghali in Puri Ladadand. In this sea of people, while chatting with a media friend, instead of saying ‘Maha Prabhu Shri Jagannath’s Bhakti Modi’, I mistakenly pronounced ‘Modi’s Bhakti Jagannath’. For this mistake, I apologize at the feet of Lord Shri Jagannath. I will fast for the next three days to atone for this mistake.”

He is asking for an apology, saying it was a slip of the tongue. We understand that a slip of the tongue is a normal occurrence for any human being, but it can’t happen repeatedly.

In December 2021, Sambit Patra came into the limelight for one of his claims made during Aaj Tak’s program ‘Agenda Aaj Tak’. In the program, while stating his qualifications, he said that he has done MBBS, MS, and also MRCS from London. He also stated that he secured 19th rank in the UPSC examination in the year 2000. After being heavily trolled on social media, with some people even accusing him of presenting wrong facts, Sambit Patra was forced to tweet about the controversy.

One Congress leader shared the list of rank holders in the UPSC CSE examination held in 2000 and said, “Yesterday BJP leader Sambit Patra blatantly lied on @aajtak that he was UPSC’s 19th rank holder in 2000. It can be easily verified that not a single person named Sambit ever qualified for UPSC in 2000.”

Narendra Modi’s BA and MA degree, Nishikant Dubey’s fake MBA degree, and Sambit Patra’s UPSC rankings – why do such things always happen with these BJP leaders?

Slips of the tongue and lying seem to be a normal phenomenon with BJP leaders, including PM Narendra Modi. What more is there to say? I can simply say, God help us all Indians.


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