Can NCB pin the culprit of the drugs case by summoning Ananya Pandey or other Btown stars repeatedly?

Ananya Pandey is just the new entrant in the list of Bollywood stars summoned and arrested for the drugs case that already includes Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and other A-Listers

Post Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and the alleged role of the drugs in abetting his suicide have evoked a kind of desperation in Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to nab the culprits. The media doldrum questioning the effectiveness of the agency has prompted NCB to keep Bollywood under close surveillance.

 In one such surveillance, Aryan Khan and his friends were arrested by NCB from a cruise party. Since then, media is back again in front of the NCB office, and the TV channels turn on their auto-feed mechanism at small intervals.

But what about the actual results of these arrests! Did NCB arrest the culprit of the SSR suicide case yet? Did any of the accused confess their crime, if they have committed them at all? Were they involved with the drug suppliers?

It is all about time!

Unfortunately, the writer has to write that this will pass with time like it has happened in the past. By mentioning this, I am not commenting that arrests were purported. The hidden motive, if any, behind the arrests will be addressed in due time.

Many celebs were arrested right after the SSR suicide case. But NCB could not allegedly prove their charges against any of them. Not even against Rhea Chakraborty. Actors like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Rakul Preet Singh were summoned for questioning based on their Whatsapp chat. But nothing much happened to them. All of their movies have become hit after their arrests. (Note: Phenomenal acting is also a reason behind their hit movies.)

It forced me to ask a question – Whether the arrests were made after checking their Whatsapp carefully? Or, they were simply media stunts. Or they were government awarded for speaking against their policy as mentioned by some (For example – Arrest of Deepika Padukone). Oh, another doubt! Can anybody ask about the Right To Privacy act?

Therefore, the writer requests the NCB to shed some light on the reason for the arrests. What happened after their arrests, and why the charges could not be proved in court?  The answers to these questions will stop people from doubting their integrity.

Ananya Pandey is the new entrant in these surveillance games. I hope NCB can prove their credibility this time and stop this from turning out another failed arrest.

It is more about the media trial

I bet every reader will agree that the media didn’t leave an inch of space to the imagination while reporting these arrests. I remember that my social media news feed was filled with posts about Aryan Khan and jail food, Gauri Khan’s instruction to her chefs and others. Why don’t we let the Khans deal with their son’s arrest in some peace? Imagine a heavy black camera being shoved on your face while you are worried about your kid being nabbed by police.

Thanks to the media, if any youngsters didn’t know Aryan Khan, they will surely know about him now. That too, as an ‘accused’ in a drug case, even before being charged guilty.

Unlike in the SSR case, this time at least the news channels did not enact the arrest. If they did, I am relieved to miss the action. Ananya Pandey, I am sorry to write this but don’t expect any media humility.

Will NCB ever be able to nab the culprit?

Well, that seems a distant dream if the media and NCB are showcasing a fair trial and investigation, unlike the allegations of the NCP minister. This apt dialogue proves my concern – Translation – This is India. You can do anything and roam free, only if you have contacts.

But in the celebrity arrests, the word ‘contact’ has emboldened its position as both parties to have their contacts. So SSR fans, don’t have too high hopes from these arrests! Additionally, it is disheartening to see young actresses like Ananya Pandey being summoned for drugs cases by NCB.

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