Kerala Covid-19 vaccine strategy takes the decentralized route; vulnerable to get first-dose

Priority first-dose vaccination of these vulnerable sections before August 15

With the Covid-19 numbers continuing to stay high in Kerala, the state administration has decentralized the vaccination process. 

In an order issued on Tuesday, the state government has asked District Collectors across Kerala to work in conjunction with the Department of Health and put together a ward-wise list of people 60 years of age and above who have not yet received the first dose of the vaccine. The District Collectors have been advised to ensure that this category of people is vaccinated on a priority basis. 

Covid-19: 60-plus citizens, bed-ridden adults on priority list

According to a health expert monitoring the Covid-19 scene in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram, the ward wise compilation of a list of people of 60 and above years of age could help the state bring down the number of unvaccinated citizens faster than expected. With the local self-government mechanism putting their efforts into such an initiative, it would be easier to identify and vaccinate this category of people. 

Another vulnerable category that has been identified for priority vaccination is the section of all bed-ridden adult patients who are yet to get their first dose. The government order stipulates that this category should also be identified and vaccinated. The administration has directed the deployment of mobile vaccination units in this regard. 

August 15 deadline for vaccination of vulnerable sections

The state has also set a deadline for priority vaccination of these two categories of people, saying that they should be identified and vaccinated before August 15, said a report in The Hindu.

The GO states that the post-vaccination of these vulnerable sections, vaccination for the rest of the population needs to be lined up and appropriately implemented. The availability of vaccines is one factor that would need to be taken into consideration alongside. 

Reducing the vulnerability factor among those at risk of contracting the Coronavirus is the main objective of this strategy. It has already been reported that the fatality rate among people with co-morbidities stood high, and the approach rides on this realization.

The GO also has advised the people to register for the vaccines in their respective residence wards to avoid losing out on vaccine slots. Further, people above 60 years and bed-ridden adults who are due for the second dose of the vaccine would be assured of their slots on priority and will find their chance at the top of the list for spot registration.

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