IT employees set to return to offices as Infopark Kochi ensures complete vaccination

Vaccination efforts to prompt IT employees at Infopark Kochi to switch from work from home mode to going back to offices

It’s been quite a while since employees at various information technology companies at the Infopark in Kochi, in Kerala, have been working from home. Ever since the lockdown and restrictions born out of the need to prevent spread of the coronavirus had come into effect, all companies had resorted to allow employees to switch to the work from home (WFH) mode.

Though the WFH mode had become the new normal, normal operations had been impacted. However, with the dedicated efforts aimed at complete vaccination of all done successfully, employees at Infopark are currently gearing up to return to their offices.

With complete vaccination of all employees all set to be done by the end of this month, IT companies at Infopark are all set to resume normal operations. The second dose vaccination drive is in full swing, and companies are inoculating their employees, their family members and also the support staff.

The second dose vaccination drive at the Infopark will be done in association with Technopark Employees Cooperative (TEC) Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram, between September 22 and 24. After the first dose was completed in June, Infopark will now get 10,000 doses of vaccine from TEC Hospital as part of the drive.

IT employees to be fully vaccinated; may switch from WFH mode

According to John M. Thomas, CEO, Kerala IT Parks, some companies that have already completed vaccination and have also resumed normal operations. “While companies may not completely shift from the work-from-home mode, more companies will return to IT parks in the coming months. In addition to the complete vaccination, the reopening of schools will also pave the way for more staff members to return to their offices,” he added.

Various companies have already achieved the complete vaccination status. The remaining will be fully vaccinated by the end of this month. Prominent IT players such as UST and Qburst have also conducted the second dose vaccination camps for Infopark employees and their families in the past few days.

IT employees
IT employees set to return to offices as Infopark Kochi ensures complete vaccination

Vaccination drive covers employees, family members, support staff

While 1265 Qburst employees and their family members were inoculated at the Kochi and Koratty Infoparks, MindCurve provided 400 second doses for their workforce. In addition to IT employees, companies have also been also providing vaccines to support staff.

The Covid-19 wave is on the wane, though the numbers look a bit scary in Kerala. Experts believe that the state has been doing well in terms of combating the spread of the virus over the past two years. Along with this the vaccination campaigns are also seeing good turnout, thereby reducing the risk of fatalities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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