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POTUS teams up with content creators to spread vaccination awareness

POTUS announced a text message-based service to locate the nearest vaccination centre

All the majorly populated countries of the world have started administering COVID-19 vaccination on an industrial scale and on a war footing basis. Since vaccinations are being administered quickly, the rumor mill around the process has also been churning out rumors at an exhilarating pace. When it comes to countries with a sizeable population, the United States of America has been inoculating people at a very impressive rate with 50% of the states claiming to have fully inoculated 50% of their population and around 50% of the total U.S population having received at least one dose.

In a bid to further speed up the national inoculation drive, the U.S government recently teamed up with popular content creators of the Country in order to address frequently asked questions about the process. In the YouTube video released by the POTUS office, President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the chief medical advisor to the President are seen addressing vaccine-related questions from some of the top content creators in the Country.

At the same time, POTUS took to twitter to announce a text message-based service to locate the nearest vaccination centre. He tweeted:

While the POTUS also announced that Uber and Lyft, cab aggregators working in the U.S, will be offering free to and from vaccination centre rides to people from ending May to July 4, Dr. Fauci talked a great deal about the science behind the vaccine. It is notable that the U.S has made vaccination available for people above 12 years of age.

India Scenario

While the U.S has been making leaps and bounds progress in its inoculation efforts, its good friend and World’s second most populated Country India has not been doing so great. According to the vaccination tracker of Bloomberg and New York times, the doses administered per 100 in India stand at a lowly 11, as compared to the 124 in the U.A.E, 91 in the UK, and 86 in the U.S. A total of 191,719,240 doses have been administered as compared to the 285,720,586 administered by the US. 11% population in India has received at least one dose of the vaccine and 3.1% have been fully vaccinated.

Although the lack of availability of vaccines has been one cause for this drastically slow pace of inoculation in India, the rumor mill has also been abuzz. Here is a link to our vaccine myth bust The government at the same time has put in little to no effort in addressing the same.

The curve of the second wave may be gradually and naturally flattening in the country right now after widespread death and destruction, but it remains to be seen how the world’s largest inoculation drive is handled from here on.

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