Nicaragua severs diplomatic relations with Taiwan

Nicaragua has become the ninth country to terminate diplomatic ties with Taiwan since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016

On Thursday, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that it will sever diplomatic ties with Taiwan and stop to have any contact or formal interaction.

The ministry also reaffirmed in an official statement that there is only ‘one China’ and that Taiwan is an inalienable component of Chinese territory.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded by announcing the termination of diplomatic relations with Nicaragua, stating that Taiwan remains ‘unbowed’.

According to reports, Taiwan now has official recognition from 14 nations as a result of Nicaragua’s action.

Since President Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016, Nicaragua has become the ninth country to break diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Nicaragua and China re-establish diplomatic relations

Nicaragua and China re-established diplomatic ties on Friday, a day after the Central American republic severed ties with Chinese-claimed Taiwan, strengthening Beijing in a region long considered the US’ backyard while enraging Washington.

China has upped military and political pressure on Taiwan to recognize its sovereignty claims, infuriating the democratically governed island, which has consistently stated that it will not be intimidated and that it has the right to participate in international affairs.

After meeting with Nicaragua’s finance minister and two of President Daniel Ortega’s sons in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, China‘s Foreign Ministry announced the decision.

Nicaragua’s government acting in bad faith: Eric Chu

Nicaragua’s government has been accused of operating in bad faith, according to Taiwan’s main Opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Eric Chu, who said a move of diplomatic ties to Beijing on Friday demonstrated a full contempt for Taiwan’s long-term help and support.

Chu said the KMT stands with the rest of the country during this time of “sadness and regret” in a Facebook post.

He asked Taiwan’s people to remain strong and, more significantly, to protect the island’s sovereignty and dignity, as well as the safety and prosperity of its 23 million residents.

The Nicaraguan government has acted in bad faith by ignoring Taiwan’s long-term help and support, which has enraged the Nicaraguan people, Chu added.

Nicaragua’s severance of ties with Taiwan condemned by US officials

The US Department of State’s spokesman, Ned Price, denounced Nicaragua’s decision to terminate diplomatic ties with Taiwan on Thursday, while encouraged other democratic countries to deepen their interaction with Taiwan.

Price said Ortega’s actions cannot reflect the will of the Nicaraguan people because the “sham election” on November 7 did not provide it with any mandate to remove Nicaragua from the family of American democracies, according to a statement released shortly after Nicaragua’s announcement on Thursday afternoon.

Breaking diplomatic ties with Taiwan deprives Nicaraguans of a reliable ally in the country’s democratic and economic development, according to Price.

Several members of the US Congress have also expressed their support for Taiwan.

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