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Afghanistan’s Embassy in India alleges losing access to its Twitter handle

Strange activity was observed on the Afghan Embassy’s Twitter account in India, according to embassy sources quoted by ANI

NEW DELHI Abdulhaq Azad, the press secretary for the Afghan Embassy in India, said on Monday that the embassy’s official Twitter account looks to have been hacked and that he has lost access to operate the handle.

Azad’s comments came shortly after a tweet, which has since been removed, expressing severe disapproval with President Ashraf Ghani’s “fleeing” from the war-torn country to avoid “bloodshed.”

“I have lost access to the Twitter handle of @AfghanistanInIN; a friend sent a screenshot of this tweet (this tweet is hidden from me.),” the tweet said.

He, however, added that he attempted to log in but was unable to do so. It, as per Azad, appears to have been hacked.

Meanwhile, according to Embassy sources quoted by news agency ANI, suspicious activity was noticed on India’s Afghan Embassy’s Twitter account.

Ashraf Ghani leaves the war-torn nation

Ghani fled the nation on Sunday to prevent “bloodshed” after the Taliban captured Kabul and insurgents stormed the Afghan presidential palace.

Ghani claimed in a Facebook post shortly after leaving Afghanistan that the Taliban would now be responsible for the honour, riches, and preservation of the Afghan people.

Ghani claimed he had to choose between fighting the armed Taliban or leaving the precious country where he spent his life safeguarding it for the past 20 years.

Abdullah Abdullah addresses Ghani as the ‘former President’

Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of Afghanistan Supreme National Reconciliation Council, spoke of Ghani as the “former President” of Afghanistan in a video message released on Twitter earlier that day.

He hoped this ‘hard day and night’ would pass so that people will witness peaceful days while also urging Afghans to be calm.

Taliban spokesperson claims they were requested to enter Kabul

After Afghan President Ashraf Ghani escaped to Tajikistan, Taliban insurgents have taken control of the Afghan capital of Kabul and have taken possession of the presidential palace.

On Sunday, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid stated the Taliban had been requested to enter Kabul, the Afghan capital.

In an interview with Tolo News, Mujahid also stated that the security situation in the city would remain under control.

However, according to some media reports, the organization would soon declare the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

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