Apple executive Phil Schiller deactivates Twitter account; sparks speculations

The decision by Schiller need not to be seen as Twitter being at loggerheads with Apple, but something could be amiss

Look what the developments at Twitter is leading to. With Elon Musk, after taking over the much popular social media platform, a slew of controversies has been flying thick and fast around the domain.

The mega decisions made by Musk have even seen a clutch of popular business brands walking towards the Twitter door to stay away from all the negativity that the platform owner has been surrounded with. The uncertainty around Twitter’s future as an advertising platform has in fact led to many companies pulling out their ad campaigns from it.

Significantly, high profile users are also not amused by Musk’s maverick behaviour. Apart from advertisers, individual accounts are also being halted by users who hold much popularity to their credit. The latest among the major users who have pulled out of Twitter is an Apple executive.

Schiller heads events and App Store at Apple

Apple’s Phil Schiller, who doesn’t seem to be very keen on being part of the social media platform going through a churn, has deactivated his Twitter account. Though this decision by Schiller need not to be seen as Twitter being at loggerheads with Apple, it could well mean that something unacceptable by Apple is happening at Twitter.

Phil Schiller is not just any other Apple executive. He is the head of events and the App Store at Apple. The fact remains that Schiller isn’t someone who has been very active on Twitter. But he deactivating his account could be a sign of some potential trouble that awaits to unfold.

Phil Schiller had created a Twitter handle back in 2008, and since them has been followed by 200,000 Twitter users. Now with the Apple executive deciding to move away from Twitter, the web space has begun deliberating and debating on some kind of trouble brewing between Musk’s company and the Cupertino-based technology behemoth.

More chaos at Twitter?

Apple has not yet come out public with any remark on Twitter or its advertising strategies on the popular social media platform. The iPhone maker has also stayed silent on the change in Twitter’s moderation policy. However, it is likely that it would most likely take up issues with the Twitter management on all these, as it foresees more controversies taking shape.

A report has found that Twitter is looking add strength to its monetization strategies. Considering that it would be critical for Twitter to keep companies such as Apple and Google close to itself. Elon Musk is doing a rejig in the Twitter Blue subscription, and in case, Apple takes objection to the new verification process and content moderation policy, then things would change. The result could even be the disappearance of Twitter app from the Apple App Store.

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