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Mushroom-derived bioactive compounds have the potential to combat COVID-19 and other viral infections

Natural anti-infective, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antithrombotic products derived from a wide ran


‘Mysterious pneumonia’ plagues Chinese children: The WHO and other global experts are spooked, fearing the onset of another pandemic.

On November 13th, Chinese health authorities got coerced into holding a press conference where they ackno


How safe are the disinfectants that flooded the markets when Covid-19 was raging?

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging, the markets and homes were flooded by a slew of chemical


Foxconn woes could pull down Apple iPhone shipments by 30% in November

Covid-19 pandemic trouble at Foxconn’s iPhone facility in China's Zhengzhou city could hit Apple shipment


Cancer vaccine development gives much pride to Kerala biotech research institute

The Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology provides critical lab support in development of India’s first i

World News

Covid-19 surge worries Marshall Islands; one in 10 people infected

Marshall Islands are home to 59K people and the virus worry has seen a hike


New zoonotic virus reported in China even as Covid-19 stays on

Novel Langya henipavirus cases reported in eastern China provinces


Covid-19 far from gone; Omicron, sub-lineages still doing the rounds in India

It has been revealed that Omicron variant and its sub-lineages still has their presence in the country’s


COVID-19: J&K Ayush receives appreciation from NITI Aayog

In order to strengthen and broaden the district and UT administration's efforts at disease containment, t

Sports News

Champions Boat League, modelled on IPL, set to roll on September 4

The 12-leg Champions Boat League snake-boat races will end in November will resume after a Covid-induced


Sniff and tell:  Dogs prove effective in mass testing for Covid-19

Researchers have found a way towards effective mass testing for coronavirus, and they have done it by dep


Surge in measles cases mandates catch-up immunization campaigns

Measles cases in India more than doubled in the first two months of 2022 compared to the same period the

India News

Markets in Kashmir bustling with customers in readiness for Eid-ul-Fitr

Residents in Kashmir go on a spending binge in the excitement of Eid-ul-Fitr, which is to be celebrated o


When military spending zooms past a pandemic crisis

Military spending by nations, including India, skyrocketed even as the pandemic was eating into people’s


Spread of Covid-19, similar illnesses can be checked by deploying plasma-based disinfectant

Indian scientists develop plasma-based disinfectant generated with the help of cold atmospheric pressure


Post-pandemic, Kerala Tourism begins European showcase

Kerala Tourism sees B2B meets registering impressive turnout of Italian and Spanish tour operators


Tourism buyer-seller conclave has promotion of local tourism high on agenda

The Kerala Travel Mart will formulate measures to accord priority to local tourism

World News

Shanghai fully under lock and key as Covid-19 infections zoom

Shanghai residents have been asked not to venture out of their homes, except for getting tested


Domestic, foreign buyers keen on being part of KTM as tourism set for take-off again

With restrictions on air travel lifted, participation at KTM expected to zoom

India News

Ticketless travel in Railways zooms 79% in 9 months of 2021-22

Data on ticketless travel reveals that 1.78 cr passengers travelled without proper railway tickets during

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