COVID-19: J&K Ayush receives appreciation from NITI Aayog

In order to strengthen and broaden the district and UT administration’s efforts at disease containment, the administration has adopted a range of measures.

The Jammu and Kashmir Department of Ayush’s efforts to monitor COVID-19 patients have been praised by NITI Aayog as exemplifying excellence.

According to NITI Aayog’s compilation of Ayush-based practises from states and union territories, J&K Ayush has informed over 44 lakh people in Jammu and Kashmir about COVID-19 and the related precautionary measures in its bid to spread awareness in the erstwhile State.

J&K Ayush worked extensively for disease containment

The administration has undertaken several measures to enhance and extend the district and UT administration’s efforts at disease containment.

It was stated that the condition may be controlled by taking preventative steps, practising self-health care, employing home and Ayush medicines for prevention, and engaging in activities like Yoga-pranayama.

On average, it stated, 55% of the Ayush staff from district headquarters was deputed for COVID-19 mitigation activities, including surveillance, testing, contact tracing, and medication delivery, in addition to their responsibilities.

Over 15 lakh people benefitted from Ayush medications

A network of 651 Ayush Institutions, including stand-alone and co-located facilities, was employed to distribute the COVID-19 Ayush essentials with an information leaflet.

In the fiscal year 2020–21, 15,20,778 beneficiaries took advantage of the Ayush medications.

Weekly outreach events, cross-sectoral cooperation, block-level Ayush teams, and a continuous supply chain of Ayush medications for distribution in the periphery were all part of the program’s plan. During the lockdown, patients obtained healthcare services delivered to their homes via routine and peripheral OPDS.

In order to fully train the Ayush workforce on the role of Ayush principles and practises in the prevention and management of COVID-19, the Ministry of Ayush’s Ayu-samvad guidelines have been fully implemented, and the Directorate of Ayush, J&K published the advisories and self-care guidelines in Dogri and Kashmiri in newspapers for broader distribution.

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