You will soon be able to unlock your Apple iPhone using Face ID while wearing a mask

Apple’s first developer beta for iOS 15.4 promises to allow Face ID to unlock an iPhone even when a face mask is worn.

The current world has a major role for face masks.  Covid-19 is calling all the shots, and the global citizens are at the mercy of the spot of the vicious protein that threatens to ruin lives and livelihood. Use of hand sanitisers, face masks and a bit of common sense are what the healthcare experts have been calling for.

Face masks have actually become a must-wear accessory across the world. The advantages of wearing masks have already begun showing. Apart from keeping the coronavirus spread at bay, masks have also brought about a significant reduction in other airborne ailments and irritants.

Apple first developer beta for iOS 15.4

The technology world has also found it imperative to spur innovation around the face masks. Apple is actually doing it. The first developer beta for iOS 15.4 is a move in that direction.

Apple has outed the first developer beta for iOS 15.4 with the promise that it would help in the testing of some of the yet to come features lined up its iPhone. And the most significant one among these features would be to allow Face ID even when a face mask is worn.

Apple currently allows iPhone users, who were face masks, to unlock their phones through the Apple Watch. But users would actually want to unlock phones without the help of the watch even when a face mask is worn. The new update in the developer beta could help users do this with ease.

A new bunch of emojis too

Along with this, Apple is also rolling out a fresh set of features in the developer beta. These include a new bunch of emojis too. Besides, it would also copy text from objects using the iPhone camera in the Notes or Reminders apps.

These features sound awesome, and it would be a boon for iPhone users once they are ready to land on their smart devices. Getting smarter by the day is something Apple believes in and the new features getting ready to be rolled out promise a better iPhone experience.

We already like the thought of being allowed Face ID even when a face mask is worn. After, face masks are her to stay and technology majors would need to work their innovations such a scenario. Apple’s way of doing it is encouraging.

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