Shun fighting and play tired; Exhausted Man wants you to do just that

An upcoming PC video game has a very tired man as the protagonist. The gamed title Exhausted Man will have you play as an energy-drained, tired hero.

Video games are all about being extremely hyperactive. That has been our experience, all the time. From fistfights to shootouts to heists to auto thefts to whatnot, almost all video games we have played come with that extra adrenaline rush. Until now, that is!

For, a new game that has a very tired man as the protagonist is all set to take over the gaming world by storm. The game titled Exhausted Man will have you play as energy drained, tired hero.

Rolled out by Chinese game developer Candleman Games, the new PC video game lets gamers like you and me don the role of a very tired character. But then, you can’t fully write him off, as he finally goes about achieving all his daily tasks.

Play tired and weary as you don the Exhausted Man role

Candleman Games had put up a demonstration of the game at the recent Steam Next Festival. Earlier known as the Steam Game Festival, the gaming extravaganza saw many PC gamers test demos of video games.

Basically, the developer has played with the laws of physics while making Exhausted Man. The game has a blue-haired character who comes across as extremely tired and is insomnia affected. However, he crawls and wriggles around with his weak body and manages to perform all his daily tasks.

Exhausted Man

Sounds interesting. But will Candleman Games be able to pull off a coup with this weak, exhausted hero even as hyperactive, event-loaded games bring in their superheroes? Maybe they would, as Exhausted Man is a one of its kind game that has hitherto made a debut in the video gaming space.

Game developers’ sarcastic take on a weary society

And not all superheroes need to be well-built, adrenaline-pumping machine men who shoot villains and punch all the bad men to climb onto the achievements podium. 

It looks like Candleman Games will pull off some win with the Exhausted Man, For, this could be a one-of-its-kind protagonist we all would get to play.

There is talk in gaming circles that Candleman Games’ Exhausted Man is a sarcastic take on the society that has been going increasingly tired. We need to wait for the final release date to know more.

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