Vi taps vibrant gaming arena with multiplayer, competitive content

Vi Games will now offer more than 40 popular, competitive and highly-skilled multiplayer games

Gaming is an area most technology companies would not want to miss out on. More so with telecom networks. And now, following close on the heels of customer preferences that have been evolving fast, telecom major Vodafone-Idea or Vi is looking to lure more customers on to its network.

The most viable manner, as Vi must have thought, is to bring in some new age gaming possibilities so as to attract and keep an added number of subscribers to its network. Vi has, thereby, rolled out some awesome multiplayer and competitive gaming content under the umbrella of Vi Games on the Vi App.

Vi in deal with Maxamtech for game offerings

For this the telecommunications company has also got into a partnership deal with Maxamtech Digital Ventures. The result is that Vi Games will now be able to offer more than 40 popular, competitive and highly skilled multiplayer games. In case you are looking to know what all gaming titles Vi would bring to its customers, they include games of the likes of Express Ludo, Quiz Master, Solitaire King, Golden Goal and Cricket League.

And, further, in a bid to widen the participation opportunity for multiplayer gaming on the Vi Games, Vi has also extended the service to non-Vi users as well. A Vi user can invite anybody, irrespective of whether they are Vi or non-Vi users, to play along with them. That is something very forward-looking indeed considering that these non-Vi players will also look to have them on Vi connection so as to be part of the multiplayer gaming terrain on the network.

Along with Maxamtech Digital Ventures, Vi Games has unveiled its multiplayer and competitive games in three unique modes such as Tournament, Battle and Friends modes. While the Tournament mode will let gamers go head-to-head with the best on the leader board, the Battle mode will allow customers to play competitive games with anyone online.

Mobile gaming key agenda for telecom major

Meanwhile, on Friends mode, gamers will be able to challenge or invite friends and family to play along. Players get a chance to get reward coins, redeem coins to either play more games, participate in big tournaments, or avail exciting gifts.

Vi has stated that gaming is one of the biggest segments in the entertainment category and is expected to garner even a higher share in the time and money spent by users over the next few years.

 Mobile gaming is a key agenda for us to drive engagement with our consumers. The company had Vi Games a few months ago and is now extending the offering to social or multiplayer gaming. This is being elaborated as a natural progression towards Vi’s objective of establishing the brand as a preferred destination for both, casual as well as serious gamers.   

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