Beaconstac leads the way to a contactless world

Beaconstac is one of the first platforms to offer contactless menus to restaurants and visitor forms that allow establishments to filter visitors and facilitate community-driven contact tracing.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on business operations and consumer behaviour and most of it is expected to be long-lasting.

The most significant change is the use of contactless technologies to deliver a safe yet engaging experience to consumers.

From restaurants to retail, businesses are creating contactless or zero-touch experiences using primarily QR Codes. Once thought to be a “dead” technology, businesses and marketers have flocked to create customized QR Codes to deliver digital menus, zero-touch shopping, and create contactless events.

One of the first platforms to offer contactless visitor forms that allow establishments to filter visitors and collect data to facilitate community-driven contact tracing, Beaconstac has created several micro contactless solutions that are helping businesses across verticals.

The contactless visitor forms are essential to healthcare facilities that need to collect data for contact tracing and ensure they separate at-risk patients from healthy visitors. It is also being leveraged by realtors and property managers to deny or grant access to properties based on their state’s regulations.

Beaconstac’s QRestaurant solution that allows restaurants and hotels to create a QR Code menu with their brand’s logos is being used by over 700 restaurants including Hyatt, Ritz Carlton and several Marriotts and Hiltons.

Apart from creating QR powered menus, restaurants and hotels are also using the platform to collect contactless feedback, build landing pages, and share event details seamlessly through built-in features.

The platform has an in-built QR Code Generator with a logo option making it very easy for anyone to create their own QR Codes in under 5 minutes with basic or advanced customizations. It also provides robust analytics with the option to integrate Google Analytics and one-step retargeting. Plans start at $60/year and include unlimited Static QR Codes.

The popularity of QR Codes is evident from the way big brands are embracing it. Burger King used QR Codes to create a shoppable TV ad and during the VMAs. Instagram has dropped Nametags in favour of QR Codes. CPG brands like Princes have adopted on-pack QR Codes to boost supply chain transparency. The latest iOS 14 update has also made it easy for iOS users to scan QR Codes that may be slightly distorted indicating QR Codes are here to stay.

QR Codes are just the beginning

Beaconstac’s unique platform combines QR Codes, geofencing, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)  beacons and NFC tags (similar to how QR Codes work) into one comprehensive solution.

With the changing landscape, businesses are also making it mandatory for consumers to download their app to enjoy a contactless experience from the minute they step in till checkout.

This opens up avenues for technologies like geofencing and BLE beacons to be integrated into the consumer app. The advantage of geofencing and beacons is that consumers will not have to interact with the signage but instead receive highly personalized notifications based on their location once they are opt-in.

This can inform consumers about the safety protocols being maintained, the details of when the place was last sanitized and receive sales help without having to interact with a salesperson.

Geofencing is already being used by restaurants and retailers to facilitate curbside pick-up. Once the customer enters the geofence (a virtual fence), businesses can ring up their order to avoid delays and overcrowding. 

As more countries begin to lift restrictions, a new kind of touchless environment will emerge that will heavily rely on contactless technologies to reassure consumers and keep them safe.

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