Apple iPhone 14 likely to come with satellite communication tech

Apple iPhone 14 with satellite connectivity could help users to communicate even when there is no network connectivity

Whenever Apple gets set for a new iPhone, the world goes gaga about it. Though the next launch could be expected only about six months later, the talk of the new iPhone 14 has been filling social media space and the rest of the web.

Features and specifications of the upcoming iPhone are being discussed threadbare already. After having discussed in detail the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s leaked schematics that had revealed the dimensions and design elements of the upcoming phone, the world’s attention is now on a new feature that the iPhone 14 could carry along.

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity could help in case of emergencies

It is being rumoured that the upcoming iPhone model will carry a feature that would support satellite communication technology. The rumours stem from a renowned Apple analyst’s words to this effect. A report quoted Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman as saying that the upcoming Apple iPhone 14 might have the capability to deploy satellite connectivity technology. This is significant, owing to the fact that the iPhones would be able to use satellite communication to send and receive short messages even in areas where there is no cellular reception.

Such a feature is much welcome, considering that it can be used in case of an emergency.  Also, as the Apple iPhone 14 could come with satellite connectivity, the feature could help users to communicate with each other even when there is no network connectivity.

Could be worth the wait

It may be recalled that the iPhone 13 was first expected to come with the satellite connectivity feature. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had made a similar prediction when he had posted that the iPhone 13 could support low-earth orbiting satellite communication mode. However, that did not happen. But then, iPhone 13 had the functionality that helped it work without being dependent on 4G and 5G network coverage, albeit with lesser capabilities.

It is expected that the iPhone 14 will indeed be the Apple device that would give users satellite connectivity.  We need to wait a few more months for the Apple 1Phone 14. But, with such capabilities in the pipeline, who wouldn’t want to wait?

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