Apple iPhone 13 set for India production from April

The iPhone 13 will roll out of the Foxconn plant in Chennai’s Sriperumbudur from next month onwards

Come next month, and the world will have an Indian Apple. Forget the fruit, we are talking of the Apple iPhone 13, which is scheduled to get into production on Indian soil. The Cupertino-based company’s Foxconn plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, will begin production of iPhone 13 this April.

Though the company was planning to begin production of the Apple iPhone 13 in January, that did not happen as the Foxconn plant in Chennai had been put on probation. It may be recalled that it was this particular plant that had been in the centre of a row after reports of ill-treatment of its employees had blown over.

The Foxconn plant in Chennai was in the firing line of the employees in January after it was alleged that they were served contaminated food. With allegations that employees being forced to live in crowded dwelling places and fed low quality food infested with worms, the plant had been put in a tight spot then. Following this, production at the plant came to a halt and Apple had put the plant on probation until the conditions improved.

Foxconn row had delayed India production of iPhone 13

Foxconn sprang into action post this incident and clarified later that it implemented corrective actions so as to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. The plant also stated that it would restart production with just under 100 employees at a time.

With the situation now having turned normal, employees are back at the plant. The Chennai plant, located at Sriperumbudur, will be at the centre of all news in April as the iPhone 13 begins to roll out of the Foxconn facility.

The iPhone 13 had been launched in India during September of last year. That means the India production will begin after seven long months of its unveiling in the country.

Local and exports markets targeted

The iPhone 13 models that will line up at the production facility will be aimed at the India marketplace as well as for exports to other countries, said a report.

However, there is no possibility that the India price of the device would come reduced after production begins on home soil.  Apple doesn’t have a policy of tweaking prices for local markets, and would go by the global pricing norms it has set already. The encouraging aspect about the iPhone 13’s India production would be that the handset would not face shortage.

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