“Yuganayak” Swami Vivekananda: Human conscience, wit, and rationality ‘personified!’

Today marks the 162nd birth anniversary of Narendra Nath Dutta, aka “Yuganayak Swami Vivekananda.&#


Decoding the modern path towards spirituality: Why some atheists are closer to God than many perceived ‘Godmen?’

Every devotional channel we watched as a family early in the morning featured men with greying beards hol

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The ‘Temple of Democracy’ or a ‘Glorified Echo Chamber’? 141 Legislators from Opposition Parties, including Veteran politicians like Dr Tharoor and Jairam Ramesh, stand suspended!

As many as 141 Members of Parliament (MPs) affiliated to the opposition faction from both houses stand su


Not ‘Fair’: It is time India did away with obnoxious societal standards of ‘beauty’ and ‘acceptance.’

A ‘fair’ Marketing campaign: Hi! Are you a young woman desperately clamouring for exposure? D


How Sardar Patel welded 565 princely states with a young dominion to create the India we know?

“Little pools of water tend to become stagnant and useless, but if they get joined together to form

Diplomatic Diary

77th Independence Day Of India: A Message Of Unity & Respect From Ethiopian Ambassador

“We join in honoring the courage, determination, and sacrifices of the Indian people in their journ


Global market success strategies for Japanese Startups

Delving into the strategies Japanese startups can adopt to succeed in the global market. By embracing inn


What Japanese Startups Can Learn from Indian Startups?

Japanese startups can learn from this approach and develop products and services that are affordable and


Non-violence, compassion-based inner peace would benefit the world: The Dalai Lama

India can play a leading role, thanks to its great tradition of peaceful understanding rooted in the trea

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Dalai Lama pitches for Tibet’s ‘meaningful’ autonomy within China

The spiritual head of Tibet, Dalai Lama said that he wanted Tibet to have 'meaningful' autonomy inside Ch

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India elected Association of Asian Election Authorities Chair

India assumes new role as Chair of the Association of Asian Election Authorities (AAEA) for 2022-2024


Russia offers India mega discounts on oil purchases

Russia is reportedly offering oil to India at discounts of as much as $35 a barrel on prices before the U


UNSC resolution on Russian aggression: Why India chose to abstain from voting

India chose to abstain from voting on UNSC resolution stating that dialogue is the only answer in settlin


UAE-India trade ties get a leg up with new CEPA

CEPA is expected to transform bilateral economic and investment ties between India and the UAE

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India saw more terror attacks in 2020, the first year of COVID-19 pandemic: Report

Terror attacks in 2020 rose to 679 from 655 attacks in 2019, read the US State Department report on Count

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Global warming is playing havoc with climate in the Indian Subcontinent

Global warming is playing havoc on the Indian subcontinent. Cloudbursts have become a common occurrence i

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Reciprocity is the essence of international relations and the west seldom follows it

With most of the sectors of the Indian Economy being liberalized and thrown open to foreign players, the


Why India must not be part of the USA-UK-Australia anti-China alliance

The next century belongs to Asia; and India and China need to know they are partners, and not adversaries

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India and Russia join hands to prevent spread of radicalization in Central Asia

Hectic consultation is on with Intelligence heads of Russia and the U.S. both in New Delhi. India and Rus

World News

China-Russia-Pakistan Axis and India’s Position

After the political vacuum created by the withdrawal of the U.S., both China and Russia are stepping in w

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