WhatsApp admins will now be able to delete group members’ messages

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows admins to intervene and delete others’ messages in groups controlled by them

Staying current is one trait that social media spaces would want to make a habit. WhatsApp, Meta’s immensely popular and widely used instant messaging app, has been doing exactly this since its advent. And now, more features are being ushered in in a bid to keep the social messaging space as vibrant as ever.

WhatsApp is expected to now get a unique feature that would add muscle to group admins. The app will soon have new feature that will allow group admins to delete any message for everyone. A report pointed out that the new feature will provide group admins with added say in the affairs of chats and discussions by allowing them to moderate conversations in a better way.

WhatsApp feature to roll out for users around the globe

It is being said that WhatsApp will roll out the new feature for users across the word. Once admins are provided access to moderate discussions, WhatsApp believes that discussions will be much better. And when an admin deletes a message, all members of the group will also get to know that the admin has intervened.

The feature has not yet been announced officially by WhatsApp buy the guys at WABetaInfo have made it known on their webspace that it might have already been outed to beta testers.

The have also suggested a way to know whether you, as an admin, has received the right to delete chats in groups controlled by you. All you need to do is to go to a group which has you as admin and long-press on any message. If there is an option to delete the message, it means that you have received the feature.

Feature being tested at the moment

In case you don’t have the right to intervene and delete as yet, you will soon get it for sure. If not, the feature will be rolled out soon. It looks like WhatsApp is testing the feature with a few admins at the moment. Once you get the new ‘delete message’ option, you will be able to click on it to open a pop-up which announces that, “As an admin, you are deleting (group’s) message for everyone in this chat. They will see that you deleted the message.”

The new feature needs to be seen as a slew of fresh features that are being ushered in. Have you been allowed to delete messages in your group’s discussions? Tell us what you feel about the new roll out.

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