Snapchat leaps out of smartphones on to desktops with web app

The messaging service will soon be available on your desktops through Snapchat for Web

How would it be like to have all your Snapchat features on your desktop? If you are wondering whether that would be possible, it indeed is happening. For Snapchat is brining all its features such as snapping, chatting, and video calling on to the desktop.

A new web app is being ushered in on to your desktop, and this will be the first time that Snapchat would be taking its services outside the smartphone domain. When Snapchat comes to the desktop, it will mean that users will be able to log in with their account and use them.

Snapchat for the Web, as it is called, will enable users to send private messages or call friends from the desktop. It is being reported that the Snapchat for the Web will be made available only for Snapchat Plus subscribers initially.

Snapchat for Web to come to paid subscribers

The company had announced its paid subscriptions in June, and the enabling of Snapchat for the Web will be a new leap in the technology it puts to play. Taking the geographic parameters into concern, it would be subscribers from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who will be provided access first.

Yet another revelation that has been made is that Snapchat will be compatible only with Google’s Chrome browser. That means it would not work on Apple’s Safari or other browsers. One wonders why the web offering has been ushered in at this time. As per a Snapchat official who has been quoted in a report, the new move follows the realisation that its users are using desktop computers more frequently.

More products to be ushered in to the web

Looking deeper into the features it would offer, it becomes clear that Snapchat for the Web would bring to users some extra space to chat and call in the same window. The company is also thinking of bringing forth the Snap’s AR Lenses shortly. The company is expected to bring an added number of its products to the web in some time.

It is being said that close to 100 million people call each other on Snapchat every month, and thereby spends an average of more than 30 minutes a day doing that. This makes the desktop version more useful and easy to use.

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