Ask Maya, and she will guide you on all aspects of tourism in Kerala

Kerala ushers in Maya, the country’s first ever WhatsApp chatbot for tourists

She’s christened Maya. Ask her anything you want to know about Kerala Tourism, and she will give you all the answers in a jiffy. For the record, Maya is a virtual travel assistant Kerala Tourism has lined up for the tourists. 

In fact, Kerala Tourism’s Maya is the country’s first ever 24×7 WhatsApp chatbot, who enable tourists to access all information and updates about the tourism ecosystem in the state. All you need to do is to send a ‘Hi’ to the WhatsApp no 7510512345, or by scanning the QR code to access the service.

Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas said Maya will serve as a virtual travel assistant for tourists to ask and get complete information they need for a hassle-free travel experience in the state. The chatbot service, which leverages the potential of the technology for tourism development, will help attract more tourists to Kerala.

Maya helps tourists to plan their trip

The tourists can easily access a whole lot of information regarding the prime attractions in each place, our cultural diversity, culinary traditions of different regions and the routes and means for transport to reach various places, he added.

Post-launch of Caravan Tourism, Kerala is also exploring the possibilities of more new products like heli-tourism and cruise tourism for holidayers. While promoting the new products, the state is also paying due attention to the proper maintenance of established destinations, especially their hygiene and quality of services, he said.

Kerala Tourism believes that it is the responsibility of tourism administration to ensure that tourists can easily access all information on a virtual platform regarding the place they are in or planning to visit. Maya is the outcome of the timely intervention of the state Tourism Department to achieve this goal.

Equipped to share all tourism-related info

Maya is equipped to share all information on destinations, experiences, stay, travel and a whole lot of details that will keep them updated about the places they travel through or stay, in any part of Kerala.

The chatbot also assists tourists to know about the experience-oriented locations, never-miss spots, historical places, ecotourism, arts and culture hubs, festivals, local food, visa information, Covid protocol, weather updates and provides links to the official Kerala Tourism social media pages.

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