Have this urge to fight on social media space? Beware, Twitter will intervene to stop you

Twitter is bringing in a feature that would put an end to fights on its platform even before they start.

Social media rage is very much akin to road rage. The fights happen at the drop of a hat, or you get into fisticuffs with another person even before you realise whose folly it is.

So, imagine you are on Twitter, and a discussion turns into a debate. It flies further from that plane to a much-heated argument, resulting in a full-fledged fight. At the end of the day, what happens is you lose a good friend.

The reason, social media rage, or Twitter rage to be specific. Twitter seems to know the value of friends, acquaintances, family and more. So, the microblogging platform would want to keep ties unruffled.

What’s this joke, you tend to ask? No kidding. Twitter is actually bringing in a feature that would put an end to fights even before they start.

What we mean to tell you is that Twitter has begun testing new prompts that would warn users before a conversation they are in goes out of hand. The prompts now being tested on both iOS and Android platforms is designed in such a manner they are dropped right into the conversation that’s happening.

Twitter to warn users if conversations turn intense

Once Twitter feels that the conversation would get heated up and end in a fight, the social media company will intervene by dropping a prompt such as “Conversations like this can be intense.”

And that’s when you realise, your friendly talk had transformed itself into an argument and that it would be better to go back into the smooth mode of conversing.

That’s not all. In case you have this urge to reply to intense conversations and get into trouble, Twitter would drop another prompt such as “let’s look out for each other” along with three bullet points to encourage better fact-based conversations.

Twitter move aimed at snipping harassment

Why is Twitter doing this?  The answer is that it is the social media major’s effort to bring down persistent harassment and abuse on the micro-blogging platform. Warning users before arguments turn into fights is indeed a welcome move.

Twitter is also bringing in an anti-misinformation initiative so that fake info wouldn’t spread on the platform. For instance, if you have retweeted an article before reading it, Twitter will intervene by adding that you haven’t read it before retweeting. These are indeed welcome moves to make social media a better space. Awesome, right?

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