Sri Shakthi International School Sets Astounding Elite World Record

Sri Shakthi International School a CBSE School located in Tiruppur district, sets a world record for ‘Most Learning by Doing Activities Performed, created as Videos and Uploaded in YouTube by a School in 300 Days’.

Tamil Nadu (India) : Sri Shakthi International School a pioneer world class CBSE School located in Tiruppur District, Tamil Nadu has accomplished a world record in the category “Most Learning by Doing Activities Performed, created as Videos and Uploaded in YouTube by a School in 300 Days”. The Students and Teachers of the School have attempted this record by creating 1041 videos by themselves in various disciplines which includes Science Experiments, Art and Craft, Sports, Science Theories, Moral Values, Career Conclaves, Flagship Events, Expert Sessions, Celebrations, Morning Assembly, Speech Craft, Extra Curricular and Co-curricular Activities and etc. This feat was certified as a world record by Elite World Records.

Dheepan Thangavelu, Vice Chairman, pointed out that “the COVID pandemic caused a set back to the system, with schools being forced to shut down during the lockdown period. In India, around 250 million students were affected due to school closures at the onset of lockdown induced by COVID-19. The pandemic posed several challenges in schools which increased the learning losses. The pandemic also called into question the readiness of the systems, including teachers to address such a crisis. But we at Sri Shakthi International School motivated and facilitated digital adoption in school education by focusing the students and teachers to face the challenges.  We facilitated a mission titled “1000 Steps” in which all the students and teachers were given a task on various subjects and titles. The stakeholders learned the subjects and the concepts, then they performed on the subject and a video was captured on their performance. The same was edited with all necessary captions and it was uploaded to the School Official YouTube Channel, Lifeatsrishakthi, wherein it helped other students to learn the subject and concepts from the video”.

An Image Describing 1000 Steps Activity by Sri Shakthi International School
An Image Describing 1000 Steps Activity by Sri Shakthi International School

Dheepan Thangavelu, Vice Chairman, further stated that “Tiny drops make a mighty ocean. In this context all the stakeholders of Sri Shakthi have played a pivotal role in this beautiful journey of creating these conceptual videos stimulating others to impart a joyful and innovative process of activity-based learning. The Remarkable involvement of children and their progress in gaining knowledge was clear and evident, at each steps in this beautiful journey. The efforts taken by Sri Shakthians has led to this magnificently enormous reward of etching Sri Shakthi International School in achieving Elite World Records”.

Mary Rani.P, Principal, pointed out that “the Curriculum based activities and concepts were displayed by the students after guided research by the teachers in the form of projects and the same was uploaded in the YouTube. I feel very proud to mentor this project as the academic head of the institution”.

Ameet.K.Hingorani, Senior Adjudicator, Elite World Records stated, “Sri Shakthi International School in Tamil Nadu has approached us by submitting an application about their remarkable activity “1000 Steps” which envisages creating 1041 videos between June 19, 2021 and April 14, 2022 by the students and teachers of the school. Our Records Management Team had a detailed review of the proposal and came out with a world record title “Most Learning by Doing Activities Performed, Created as Videos and Uploaded in YouTube by a School in 300 Days”, by imposing stringent rules and guidelines to set a new world record.

Sri Shakthi International School Sets Elite World Record Feat
A Team of Teachers, Students and the Management of Sri Shakthi International School being conferred world record Citation by Ameet.K.Hingorani, Senior Adjudicator, Elite World Records at the Citation Ceremony.

Ameet.K.Hingorani further stated that based on the evidences submitted to us, our team had a detailed review on all the aspects of the attempt and found that 640 videos out of 1041 videos were eligible for consideration and rest of the 401 videos were not qualified due to our stringent rules. I am sure this project has given an everlasting knowledge and joy of learning to students and teachers as the years to come. We are pleased to certify this project as a new Elite World Record.

On behalf of the school Dr. S. Thangavelu, Chairman received the World Record Citation from Elite World Records on the 4th Annual Day of the School in which more than 1500 spectators were present and he appreciated the team for the incredible feat, which is the first of its kind done by a school. All the parents and spectators were happy on this achievement and appreciated the efforts of the school.

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