SFS Academy creates a Benchmark by accomplishing Three Elite World Records consecutively 

Bengaluru (Karnataka) : SFS Academy a CBSE School in Bengaluru breaks three world records consecutively on November 13, 2022 and November 14, 2022 in an event “SFS Academy World Records Festival 2022” with a mission of celebrating the 75th Year of Indian Independence and Children’s Day. The Efforts of 2340 students and teachers paved way for receiving world record titles from Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, and India Records Academy. 

Benny.M, Councillor Education, South West India Province of The Missionaries of St.Francis De Sales (MSFS) was the Chief Guest and Cyril Anand, Director (Ooredoo-Qatar) was the Guest of honour. Dr. RabihBaalbaki, CEO-Elite World Records, Dr. SatyaSree Gupta, Dr. M.Noura, Bhavana.R, and G.K.Sowjanya, Adjudication Team of Elite World Records along with Dr. A.K.Senthil Kkumar, Ambassador-Asian Records Academy  and P.Jeganathan, Senior Records Manager-India Records Academy were present to adjudicate and certify the records.

SFS Academy creates a Benchmark by accomplishing Three Elite World Records consecutively 
SFS Academys’ Amazing record attempt by coloring 4036 National Flags in one hour.

Dr.P.M.Lawrence-Principal, proudly detailed “We focus education by which character is formed, the strength of mind is increased, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet and by concentrating towards holistic development of every child with utmost care and competence, we also impart patriotism among children at all levels which we believe to pave way for good society and better future of our great nation”, in this context all our students and teachers have successfully accomplished two world records imparting patriotism in young minds and set an example to others, we also accomplished a record propagating Fit India Movement, he further said.

G.K.Sowjanya, RMT-Elite World Records stated, “I saw tiny tots from Kinder-Garten to Grade-X along with Teachers who have put their efforts in making 2.34 lakhs origami boats for 7 continuous hours, after which they were involved for 4hours 10minutes in pasting it with respect and love forming a mosaic reflecting the Indian Tricolour Flag.

Further she added, despite the participants faced lot of hurdles and challenges due to rainfall during the process of creating the mosaic, the parents stood with them united preserving their efforts by holding a shelter for more than 1 hour, underneath which the students performed the creativity of forming the flag”

Bhavana Rajesh, RMT-Elite World Records, detailed that, SFS Academy has set yet another World Record “Most National Flags Colored by a Team in 1 Hour”, With Freedom in their Mind! Strength in their Words! Pride in their Souls! Zeal in their Hearts! 1781 participants have made our country proud by colouring 4036 National Flags, post which they took a pledge “My India! My Pride!”. I appreciate the efforts of the school on their accomplishment, she further added.

SFS Academy creates a Benchmark by accomplishing Three Elite World Records consecutively 
SFS Academys’ Amazing feat by making 600 square meters Indian National Flag with 2.34 lakhs origami boats and also 1239 participants performing sports drill holding a ball.

Dr.Manisha Pande, Teacher said “This world record festival has given the right platform to express our children’s patriotic feelings and gave us an opportunity to explain the importance of our national flag and how to respect them”.

Dr. A.K.Senthil K Kumar, Ambassador-Asian Records Academy, detailed that “1239 participants performed the sports drill holding a ball for 4 minutes 33 seconds imparting health is wealth. The amount of hard work and practice they have put-in was evident during their performance”, kudos to the entire team, he further said.

M.Savya of Grade-VII said “this has given me immense confidence as even I can create a world record. If this was possible then anything is possible.”

Tanusha.P.C. of Grade-IX said “My teachers, parents, principal encouraged us throughout these events while practicing, executing and achieving it. I feel very confident after achieving these world records”.

Poorna.M.S, Teacher said, “Our children had really worked hard and practiced for several days. All the hard work was rewarded when it was announced that we had accomplished world records, everyone in my class were overjoyed as if they had scored centum in the board exams”.

Sarika Mishra (Academic co-ordinator) said, “I sincerely thank our Principal for giving us this opportunity to create world records and I appreciate the efforts of our staff and Children who performed tremendously well and made us proud”.

Shashi Kala parent of Karthikeyan and Lakshana said, “I feel very happy and proud for my children’s performances’, In-spite of rain everything was arranged and organised very well and I thank the school for it”.

Parents, grand-parents and spectators left the event with great joy, pride and patriotic feel.

Disclaimer : This story is provided by Elite World Records and distributed by Digpu News Network. 

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