Awab Habib Fakih – Youth teaching icon

Awab Habib Fakih (middle) – receiving Young teacher award 2019

Awab Fakih’s innovation is to create methods of teaching fluency in Engineering with students’ interest. He never dreamt of being a teacher however, after becoming an Engineer he realized that he had something unique to offer. Awab, therefore, pursued teaching to accomplish his goals which were to make students more resilient through developing their skills and to bring new methods in teaching that would help students and faculties to reflect their ideas in more transparent ways.

To make this possible, he is also pursuing a Ph.D., researching enhancement of technology in multidisciplinary domains for which he has attained First prize in the Avishkar Research Competition at Local Region & District Level under Ph.D. Pursuing Category, awarded by Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University. On 29th sep’19, Mr Awab Habib Fakih was honoured with the “Young Teacher Award 2019”, received this award from one of the most celebrated cynosures recognized worldwide i.e., Mr.Tony D. Cline, (Director- NASA STEM Innovation & Goddard Space Centre, USA) & Padmashree Dr. V Adhirmurthy (ISRO Honorary Distinguished Professor) added to the glory of the award.

He has also fulfilled 8 Designs Patents in Indian Intellectuals Property with 6 of them being published. India needs teachers like Awab Fakih, who do not leave any stone unturned. He has conferred papers at more than thirty-one international and national conferences, published with reputed International Journal (Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand). By publishing articles in the international peer-review journals, Awab Fakih contributed to the understanding of teaching in modern society.

Awab Habib Fakih - Youth teaching icon
Awab Habib Fakih honoured with Young Teacher award 2019

He has given a large number of workshops with audiences extending from students and teachers to practitioners. He has been honoured as being the Session Chair/Invited Speaker/Organizing Committee Member for various international conferences held at Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Beijing, Taiwan and other reputed institutes of India. Besides that, he has also been sanctified as Best Paper Presenter award at International Conference at ACSECT – Bangkok, Thailand. Relinquishing his achievements, he was honoured by the Excellent Oral Presentation Award at International Conference at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, acknowledging the benefits of Awab’s learning through his approach.

He is always occupied with different programs organized by various committees nationally and internationally. Through this, he has won funding to support his projects. Despite many challenges, the project persisted Awab and his students won a national competition for their work. Under his leadership, his students have won19 Awards in the last five years. He has also led two (Solar Car Championship & World Robotics Championships) Project Groups at international levels.

For him, the most important factor behind the revolutionary ‘Education Model’ is taking the teachers and the students into confidence, in order to improve the learning environment. Considering the distinct optimistic quality he has been awarded by 21 International & National Awards. “Innovative Research Dedicated Teaching Professional (EXTC) Award by Innovative Scientific Research Professional” at University Technology MARA in Malaysia.

A substantial part of Awab’s approach is mentoring start-up development for which he has received the “Best Start-up of the Year” award by Hon. Devendra Fadnavis (Hon.Chief Minister of Maharashtra) under Maharashtra start-up Council. Implementing these benefits to his college, he has established Mentor to a successful start-up developed at his Institute, known as iLearnopedia Technologies LLP, registered under the ministry of corporate affairs, Government of India.

The Co-Founders are his Students to whom he has mentored throughout their final year project. Awab Fakih looks forward to transpiring like his role model; his father- Habib Abbas Fakih, who is an eminence personality in his community and nation. He is also thankful to his mother Shabennor Habib Fakih, brothers Mussadique Fakih & Ali Fakih, wife Neha Fakih and his loving son Ayaan Fakih.

He feels privileged to extend his success with Dr Zahir Kazi who is the effervescent President of Anjuman I Islam, educationist and philanthropist. Awab can’t be less appreciative for his support system Dr S M Shashidhar (Principal PDIT, Hospete, Karnataka) – A celebrated educationalist and administrator, Mr Burhan Haris Chairman Navi Mumbai Anjuman I Islam, Director AIKTC Dr Abdul Razak Honnutagi, Principal and Prof. Ramjan Khatik and support from the Management of Anjuman I Islam.

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