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Government Intensifies Efforts to Deter Farmers’ Delhi March for MSP Guarantee Law on February 13

Contradictory Actions by Government Prompt Social Media Outcry as Farmers Prepare for Protest.

Preparations for the anticipated “13 February Delhi March” demanding a Minimum Support Price (MSP) Guarantee Law are in full swing, with the government deploying measures to prevent farmers from reaching Delhi. Erecting spikes and barricades throughout the night, authorities aim to thwart the upcoming protest scheduled by farmers on February 13.

The Modi administration’s contradictory stance is evident as it contemplates honoring farmer leaders with the Bharat Ratna while simultaneously barricading the gates of Delhi against these very farmers. Critics accuse the government of embracing the farmers’ agitation with open hostility, exemplified by embedding barbed nails along roadways.

Government Intensifies Efforts to Deter Farmers' Delhi March for MSP Guarantee Law on February 13
The government put barricades and nails on the highway to stop farmers entering to Delhi.

In response to government actions, social media platforms have been ablaze with sentiments of solidarity with the farming community. One farmer, reflecting on the perceived abandonment by opposition parties and the media, emphasized the resilience of farmers, labourers, and the oppressed in the face of adversity.

Prominent farmer leader Rakesh Tikait articulated the disillusionment with the electoral process, stating that defeated candidates from opposition parties often defect to the ruling BJP to claim victory certificates.

Videos circulating on social media platforms depict instances of Haryana Police intimidating supporters of the farmers’ protest, threatening to revoke passports and enforce punitive measures against dissenters.

The impending protest has prompted the Delhi Police to impose Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code at the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh borders, prohibiting public gatherings and pre-emptively deterring potential unrest. The order restricts the entry of protestors and prohibits the possession of arms to maintain law and order.

Meanwhile, elaborate arrangements to seal the Punjab-Haryana borders in Ambala, Jind, and Fatehabad districts have been put in place to impede the planned ‘Delhi Chalo’ march.

The farmers‘ demands include a law ensuring MSP, implementation of the Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations, pensions for farmers and labourers, farm debt waivers, withdrawal of police cases, and justice for victims of the Lakhimpur Kheri violence.

The farmers’ steadfast resolve stems from past grievances, notably the year-long protest at Delhi’s border points against the now-repealed farm laws. Despite government efforts to deter them, the farming community remains resolute in their pursuit of justice and their demand for equitable treatment.

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