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Farmer Leaders Seek PM Modi’s Intervention to Allow Peaceful March Towards Delhi

Farmer Leaders Plead for PM Modi's Attention Amid Resumed March Towards Delhi.

In a significant development at the Shambhu border, farmer leaders reiterated their plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging his intervention in addressing their grievances or permitting them to proceed peacefully to Delhi for protests. The leaders emphasized the democratic right to protest and called for a resolution to the ongoing deadlock between the farmers and the central government.

Demands for PM Modi’s Attention:

During a joint press conference led by Sarwan Singh Pandher, the General Secretary of the Punjab Kisan Mazdoor Committee, farmer leaders voiced their concerns and appeals to the Prime Minister. Pandher emphasized that the responsibility of governing the nation encompasses all citizens, including farmers, and urged PM Modi to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve the issues at hand.

Call for Peaceful Resolution:

The farmer leaders stressed their commitment to peaceful protests while expressing apprehensions about the government’s handling of the situation, particularly concerning the deployment of paramilitary forces. They urged PM Modi to prevent any escalation of tensions and emphasized the need for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing standoff.

Critique of Government’s Approach:

Jagjit Singh Dallewal, another prominent farmer leader, criticized the government’s alleged neglect and emphasized the long-standing nature of their demands. Dallewal underscored the farmers’ contribution to the nation’s self-sufficiency and expressed disappointment at the lack of meaningful dialogue from the government’s side.

Resumption of March and Unresolved Talks:

The farmer leaders announced the resumption of their march towards Delhi, highlighting their demands for legal guarantees on Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) and loan waivers. Despite multiple rounds of talks between ministers and farmer representatives, including meetings on February 8, 12, 15, 18, and 19, a conclusive resolution remains elusive.


As tensions persist between farmers and the central government, the call for Prime Minister Modi’s intervention to facilitate peaceful protests gains momentum. The resumption of the march underscores the determination of farmers to have their voices heard and their demands addressed. The onus now lies on the government to engage in meaningful dialogue and work towards a mutually beneficial solution to alleviate the concerns of the farming community.

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