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NSA Not Imposed on Farmer Leaders Amid Protests: Ambala Police Clarifies

Decision Reversed as Haryana Authorities Seek Cooperation for Peaceful Resolution.

In a significant turn of events, Ambala Police has reversed its decision to invoke the National Security Act (NSA) against certain farmer union leaders in Ambala district amid ongoing protests. The announcement comes amidst escalating tensions at the Punjab-Haryana border as farmers resumed the ‘Delhi Chalo‘ protest, resulting in a tragic loss of life and injuries.

On February 22nd, Ambala Police initiated proceedings to compensate for the loss of government property during the farmers’ movement, including the attachment of property belonging to agitators and the seizure of bank accounts. However, a subsequent press release clarified that NSA provisions would not be invoked against the farm union leaders.

According to DSP Pooja Dabla of Haryana Police, the decision to refrain from invoking NSA reflects a reconsideration by authorities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace and cooperation with the protestors to uphold law and order. The appeal extends to both protestors and their leaders amidst the ongoing standoff.

The reversal in the decision raises questions about the sudden change in approach by the authorities. The decision comes following renewed protests at the Punjab-Haryana border, where a farmer lost his life and several others sustained injuries. Reports indicate that tear gas shells were deployed by Haryana Police to prevent attempts to breach barricades at Shambhu and Khanauri.

NSA Not Imposed on Farmer Leaders Amid Protests: Ambala Police Clarifies
Rubber Bullets Fired by Haryana Police on Farmers

The resumption of protests followed the rejection of a government proposal during the fourth round of talks, further exacerbating tensions between the authorities and protesting farmers. The deceased farmer, identified as Subhkaran Singh (21) from Baloke village in Punjab’s Bathinda district, succumbed to a head injury, as confirmed by medical authorities at Patiala-based Rajindra Hospital.

NSA Not Imposed on Farmer Leaders Amid Protests: Ambala Police Clarifies
Subhkaran Singh

As the standoff continues, the Ambala Police’s decision to abstain from invoking the NSA underscores the complex dynamics and evolving nature of the protests. With tensions running high, authorities and protestors alike are urged to prioritize dialogue and cooperation to achieve a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.

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