Democratic Values of India Threatened by Political Vendetta

Two hashtags, #RestoreHansrajMeena and #DemocracyUnderAttack, have been trending on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), shedding light on the erosion of freedoms and the arbitrary exercise of power by the government.

In recent days, India has witnessed a troubling series of events that strike at the heart of its democratic principles. Two hashtags, #RestoreHansrajMeena and #DemocracyUnderAttack, have been trending on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), shedding light on the erosion of freedoms and the arbitrary exercise of power by the government.

The first incident revolves around the silencing of voices advocating for the rights of indigenous people, Dalits, marginalized communities, and farmers. Hansraj Meena, a prominent social activist and journalist, along with the Tribal Army organization, found their Twitter accounts blocked by the X at the request of the Indian government. This action not only stifles dissent but also violates the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Democratic Values of India Threatened by Political Vendetta
X Withheld HansrajMeena and the TribalArmy account

Recently, in a similar pattern, Journalist Mandeep Punia’s X handle, @GaonSavera, has been restricted by X. GaonSavera played a pivotal role in reporting directly from the farmer protests at the Haryana-Delhi border.

Famer leader Rakesh Tikait expressed concern, stating that it is worrying to see X (Twitter)  accounts of individuals who have always fought for water, forests, and land being shut down. Raising their voices in support of the demands of protesting farmers, including Hansraj Meena and TribalArmy, along with hundreds of others, having their Twitter accounts suspended is condemnable.

The second incident involves the freezing of bank accounts belonging to the Indian National Congress, the country’s oldest political party, by the Income Tax (IT) department. The purported reason behind this draconian move is a discrepancy in filing tax returns for the year 2018-19. However, the timing of this action, coming on the heels of the Supreme Court of India declaring Electoral Bonds Unconstitutional, raises serious questions about the government’s motives.

It is evident that these two incidents, although seemingly unrelated, share a common thread: the stifling of dissent and the consolidation of power by the ruling regime. By targeting individuals and organizations critical of its policies, the government seeks to create a climate of fear and intimidation, where dissent is met with punitive measures.

The freezing of Congress party accounts is particularly alarming, as it represents a direct attack on the democratic process itself. In a functioning democracy, political parties must be allowed to operate freely, without fear of reprisal or persecution. The arbitrary freezing of accounts not only hampers the party’s ability to function effectively but also undermines the very foundation of democracy.

Moreover, the selective targeting of opposition parties while turning a blind eye to alleged financial irregularities within the ruling party reeks of political vendetta. The BJP’s hoarding of over ₹6,500 crore through the electoral bond scheme, despite its dubious legality, remains untouched, highlighting the blatant double standards at play.

RTI Activist Kunal Shukla wrote on X ‘’The British never froze the bank accounts of any political party during their rule, but the descendants of those who received pensions and sought forgiveness from the British have also performed miracles’. 

In the face of such brazen attempts to subvert democracy, citizens and civil society organizations must unite to defend their constitutional rights. The judiciary, as the guardian of the Constitution, must intervene to uphold the rule of law and prevent the government from trampling upon the principles of democracy.

Ultimately, the fate of India’s democracy hangs in the balance. Will the country continue down the path of authoritarianism and repression, or will the people rise to reclaim their rights and freedoms? The choice is ours to make, but the time to act is now.


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