CJI Chandrachud Urges Bar Associations for Judicial Integrity and Gender Representation

CJI Emphasizes Upholding Judicial Integrity and Gender Diversity in Bar Associations During Nagpur Speech.

Nagpur, India – April 6, 2024: Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud delivered a comprehensive speech in Nagpur, addressing vital issues concerning the legal profession, including the need to uphold judicial integrity, ensure safety within court premises, and promote gender diversity in bar associations.

CJI Chandrachud commenced the address by urging members of bar associations to refrain from commenting on pending cases or judgments, emphasizing their role as officers of the court. He stressed the importance of maintaining nonpartisanship and loyalty to the Constitution above all else. Furthermore, CJI highlighted an incident of manhandling during a bar association boycott, underscoring the imperative of ensuring safety for all members of the legal fraternity.

In addition to emphasizing the pivotal role played by bar associations in democratizing courtrooms and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, CJI commended initiatives such as the Nadu legal aid project. He encouraged young lawyers to contribute to such endeavors, underscoring the significance of providing pro bono legal resources to rural communities.

Moreover, CJI Chandrachud addressed the issue of gender representation within the legal profession. While acknowledging the increasing number of women in law, he lamented the lack of female participation in bar association elections. He called for a conducive environment that encourages women to contest elections and hold positions of responsibility within bar associations.

Highlighting the historical significance of Nagpur in the life of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, CJI emphasized the importance of autonomy and freedom in the legal profession, echoing Dr. Ambedkar’s vision for an inclusive society.

CJI concluded the speech by expressing optimism that Nagpur Bar Association, with its rich history, would take proactive steps to promote judicial integrity and gender diversity. He urged all members of the legal fraternity to uphold excellence, integrity, and diligence in their practice, ensuring justice for all.

The speech, marked by its reflection on legal ethics, gender inclusivity, and the foundational principles of the legal profession, resonated deeply with the audience, leaving a profound impact on the legal community in Nagpur and beyond.

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