Former Judges Urge CJI Chandrachud to Safeguard Judiciary from Unwarranted Pressures

In a united front, retired justices urge measures to protect judiciary from external pressures.

In a significant development, a group comprising 21 retired judges, including 4 former Supreme Court justices and 17 former High Court judges, have penned a letter to the Chief Justice of India, DY Chandrachud, emphasizing the critical need to shield the judiciary from undue pressures.

Titled “Need to Safeguard Judiciary from Unwarranted Pressures,” the letter, drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of the retired judges, expresses grave concerns over the escalating attempts to undermine the integrity of the judiciary through calculated pressure, misinformation, and public disparagement.

Former Judges Urge Chief Justice to Safeguard Judiciary from Unwarranted Pressures
List of 21 Retired Judges

The retired judges noted that certain factions, driven by narrow political agendas and personal gains, are actively seeking to erode public trust in the judicial system. They highlighted the multifaceted and insidious methods employed by these elements, which include casting aspersions on the integrity of courts and judges in an effort to influence judicial processes.

Particularly troubling to the retired jurists is the observed pattern of behavior in cases of social, economic, and political significance, where attempts to sway judicial outcomes to favor specific individuals or interests are prevalent. The letter underscores the blurred lines between advocacy and manipulation, emphasizing the detrimental impact on judicial independence.

The former judges expressed deep concern over the dissemination of misinformation and the orchestration of public sentiment against the judiciary, labeling such practices as unethical and antithetical to the foundational principles of democracy. They cautioned against the selective praise and criticism of judicial decisions based on personal biases, which they argue undermines the essence of judicial review and the rule of law.

In light of these observations, the retired judges urged the judiciary, led by the Supreme Court, to fortify itself against external pressures and uphold the sanctity and autonomy of the legal system. They emphasized the judiciary’s role as a pillar of democracy, impervious to transient political interests.

Expressing unwavering support for the judiciary, the retired judges pledged solidarity and readiness to assist in preserving the dignity, integrity, and impartiality of the judicial system. They appealed to Chief Justice DY Chandrachud for resolute guidance and leadership in safeguarding the judiciary as a bastion of justice and equity in these challenging times.

The letter from the former judges underscores the pressing need for concerted efforts to insulate the judiciary from external influences and uphold its independence, thereby ensuring the continued trust and confidence of the Indian populace in the judicial system.

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