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Shamur – Let The Music Play, Stealing The Limelight Of A Legend

The hook of the song ‘Dil La Leya Be Parwah De Naal’ is for everyone who has fallen in love. These lines are so beautifully sung that they pierce the heart full of memories.

Shamur – Let The Music Play, the party anthem of all times is that one song that has received undivided love from everyone. It clearly has something for everybody- from folk sayings to dance beats, from subtle life lessons to that epic raw voice singing the Punjabi lyrics in the song.

The song starts with the dance beats and gels up with its Punjabi lyrics: ‘O Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Wala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage , Bai Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage ‘ which translates to ‘Do not be so arrogant about your riches and money, for the thirst for more will never be satisfied‘.

The hook of the song ‘Dil La Leya Be Parwah De Naal‘ is for everyone who has fallen in love. These lines are so beautifully sung that they pierce the heart full of memories. This explains life’s biggest woes so clearly. Furthermore, it also explains how others’ life experiences can be the greatest learning in our life. The song brings out the vividness and richness of the Punjabi folk.

Who Is The Raw Punjabi Voice In The Shamur Song?

In awe of this song, I googled the name of the legend who sang the Punjabi lyrics in the song. But, the results were unanticipated. There is not even a mention of his name anywhere in the credits. Any google search for Shamur Let The Play song, lyrics, video, etc shows only the Band’s name. It also mentions elaborate details about the Female Lead singer.

Shamur - Let The Music Play, Stealing The Limelight Of A Legend - Digpu News

Shamur’s Wikipedia page tells the following about them:

Shamur is a music group formed by Italian producers, Emanuele Marascia and Alessandro Murru. The male singer comes from Punjab, India, while the female voice belongs to a Sardinian woman, Teresa Solinas, best known as Terry. Shamur obtained success in Greece in summer 2005, when they reached the top position on the music charts.

But what about the legend from Punjab, India? Not even a name or mention about him. Very unfortunate to have done this with the heart and soul of the song. It is as shocking as absurd to find no mention of the Punjabi singer over the web or anywhere. We want to know the artist behind the gifted voice who has remained unnamed for reasons unknown.

No doubt, the song ‘Let The Music Play’ is the band’s combined effort and it couldn’t have been done better. Having said that, I request Shamur the band to uncover the singer behind this marvel. We deserve to be illuminated on this.

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  1. Dear Mr Babbar
    We appreciate that you read the article and took time to share your story with us. However, as per our research, the Lines in discussion are Punjabi and not Haryanvi. We are not sure of the singer’s diction though.
    The language is Punjabi, the language of a culture located inside the borders of India and Pakistan.
    The words ‘O Na Kar Maan Rupaiye Waala Ban Ban Ke Na Bage’ are taken from a sample pack called “Deepest India” by a company called Zero-G. They field recorded it in 1996-7 in India. The vocalists are Bibi Swarn Nooran, Master Dilbahar and Sohan Lal.

  2. Hey there , i appreciate your article and i found it very helpful. I have found Shamur’s member Alessandro Murru’s Instagram account. He is popularly known as DJ Sandru Murru . I really like the song from the ,day i ever heard it in my childhood. Those days were good. Now i am a music producer so i keep track of music. Sadly i am not able to find who was the singer of this song. The lyrics and the dialect in this song is Haryanvi not Punjabi. The words are quite similar to Punjabi but one can figure out that its Haryanvi by the Dialect and Diction of the singer. I hope that soon the Shamur band reveals his name. Also you can try to tag him on Instagram on a request as a post. His insta name is Sandro murru Dj
    . Eagerly waiting for your Sandro and you to reveal the singer’s name.

    Thanking You,
    Composer & Music Producer,
    VBabbar (Babbar.Vishwajeet).

    1. How can you say that the song is haryanvi it’s not even close to what real haryanvi is. This song is a Punjabi folk lore sung by ladies during weddings. It’s about 100 150 years old and they are called tappe in Punjabi. The singer in shamur’s version of nadiyon paar sajjan da thanna is non other than javeed bashir.

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