YEH MERA INDIA – The movie that breaks major Indian stereotypes and has something for everybody – Movie Review By Digpu

February 01, 2019 —

Yeh Mera India is a 2008 Hindi movie, written and directed by N. Chandra. It is an amalgamation of realities not only a movie. The movie showcases the biggest truth – ‘What goes around comes around’, in case of both good and bad actions. It is a very well-knit script showing interconnected short stories with commendable acting. It helps people learn their own lessons by being extremely relatable. The film has something for everybody. It is full of heart touching scenes.

The movie speaks volumes about the grass root level reality of India.

It showcases exploitation of emotions for political motives, the stereotypes of an average Indian, the Muslim-Terrorism misconception; mishappenings leading to criminal activities and how faith and karma play their roles in everyone’s life. The movie gets even more intense and powerful by the words of Piyush Mishra in the background. One of our favourite couplets by Piyush Mishra is below:

Aaj Jab Umeed Ke Saare Kinaarey Paas They, Zindagi Ne Saans Ki Kashti Bhanwar Main Chod Di.

A Commendable Plot And Immensely Engaging Short Stories With A Moral

Rajit Kapoor plays the character of the CEO of a call centre who flirts with many girls and harrases one of his employees. Later, he thinks about his daughter. This incident changes the man for good and later he saves the same employee from goons, not thinking about his life.

Smile Suri plays the character of the employee. She falls in love with the son of a politician, who plans his son’s life according to his political benefits. Later the son played by Purab Kohli disowns his father for his own life and for the sake of his love.

The story continues such that two friends meet after a long time.

One of them is Sayaji Shinde, who is an inspector while the other is Atul Kulkarni who is a Naxalite. They both think of how life unfolded totally opposite to their expectations. Later, the Naxalite surrenders due to a life-changing experience.

The sister of the Naxalite is played by Seema Biswas is a domestic help in Sarika’s house. She is shocked to know Sarika’s thinking about her, however later she saves the life of her employer. Meanwhile, there is a Bihari labourer played by Rajpal Yadav who comes to Mumbai in search of employment. Initially, he is mocked by the inspector. But later, the inspector’s life is saved by the efforts of Rajpal Yadav.

Also, a Muslim man played by Ehsaan Khan hates all Hindus and plans to plant a bomb to kill a large mass. However, another Muslim played by Vijay Raaz who has had horrifying memories with some violent Hindus in his childhood saves the innocent lives and becomes a martyr.

Parvin Dabas plays the character of another Muslim. He is a hard-working Indian and is a victim of the stereotypes that Muslims face everywhere. He is not able to purchase a posh flat just because of his religion. Parvin later becomes violent when the underworld Don played by Milind Gunaji shoots his wife after a scuffle.

Also, Siddhant Karnick plays the role of a hardworking Mumbaikar facing the daily struggles of life. He feels helpless. Anupam Kher plays a judge who can’t reach his hospitalised daughter in time due to unnecessary road rage. He solves a case between Virendra Saxena and Ashwin Mushran very interestingly.

Our Verdict:

We would give the movie Yeh Mera India 4.5/5 ⭐. The film has been brought very close to reality which is why it is hard-hitting. It hits at the very root of different social stigmas and biases of daily life. We, at Digpu, wish such films get more viewership and public appreciation. We extend our congratulations to the whole team of YEH MERA INDIA.

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