5 crime-thrillers, including ‘Money Heist’ to watch on Netflix and Voot Select

Are you on a hunt to what to binge-watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Here is a list of crime-riveting dramas that cannot go wrong.

Crime thrillers are the most-watched and loved genre across the globe. What else will explain a steady stream of gripping crime thrillers across the OTT platforms? Pin it on the fact that during covid, binge-watching gives us an adrenaline rush with its seat-gripping tension interspersed with high stake action and love sequences. Apart from that, it also evokes a sense of escapism- where viewers are busy solving on-screen mysteries. Having said this, let’s list some must-watch crime thrillers for a weekend binge.

‘Money Heist’ (Netflix)

This Spanish heist movie earned so much popularity that it prompted Netflix to make a documentary on it. Initially intended only for a limited episode, but after Netflix acquired its rights, it has produced four seasons and awaits its fifth.

Introducing the world to the song “Bella Ciao,” the plot narrates two heist plots in real-time. The characters with their masks, each with their emotional chaos make “Money Heist” a heart-pounding watch.

‘Asur’ (Voot Select)

It is a Hindi-language crime thriller that layers Indian mythology and forensic science into a gripping murder mystery. The lead character played by Arshad Warsi is brilliantly supported by immersive performances of Barun Sobti and Rishi Dogra. The story narrates the deeply rooted intertwined faith and madness of a serial killer.

‘Marcella’ (Netflix)

If you like tightly-knitted episodes of a British mystery series, “Marcella” is the best option. Starring Anna Friel, the show wraps up with eight gritty episodes of 45 minutes each.

Anna plays a London-based detective bouncing back from a nasty split and a stressful entry into single motherhood. This noisy series intertwines a serial killing investigation with a familiar struggle. This thriller reaches its peak only when the main mystery connects to Marcella’s husband’s office.

‘Marzi’ (Voot Select)

This Indian series documents how the events of one night altered the lives of lead characters portrayed by Rajeev Khandelwal and Aahana Kumra forever. Shot in the mountain terrain of Shimla, “Marzi” investigates a night-long romance gone tragically wrong with rape accusations in a traditional Indian society. 

‘Delhi Crime’ (Netflix)

This English-Hindi Indian crime thriller captures the spine-chilling emotions of the Nirbhaya rape case.

 Shefali Shah portrays a no-nonsense senior cop in charge of investigating the rape case. The series narrates the societal double standards for women in homes and offices. “Delhi Crime” carefully documents the underlying politics and hidden human struggles to protect their women amid the incident.

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