Nursery education is vital for a child’s development

Government Schools will now have nursery and kindergarten classes

The education segment has been hit the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. Playschools, Kindergarten has not opened for the last two years and a whole new generation of kids devoid of Nursery education will be entering the regular Class I classes.

The National Education Policy rarely talked about nursery and kindergarten education. Usually, most of the private schools have Play School, Nursery education, and Kindergarten but most Government schools do not have pre-primary classes. The rich and the affluent are able to send their tiny tots to play school but the poor have to content by sending their Kids straight to Standard I.

The admission to Standard I as per the National policy must be effected from the age of six. The curriculum is also made as per this age group. Therefore sending an under-aged child to Standard 1 is not advisable. The curriculum must be based according to age and it is here that the importance of Play School and nursery are very evident.

Grasping power greatest in children between three to five

Introduction to alphabets shapes and simple math are taught in the formative years of the kid. Studies have revealed that lack of nursery education makes it difficult for the kids to cope up with the studies in higher standards. It is for this reason most state governments under whose purview education falls have decided to open playschools, nursery education and KG classes in the primary schools of every district.

Government Schools in Madhya Pradesh is going to start Nursery education and Kindergarten classes for Kids between the ages of three to five. The program comes under the aegis of the ‘Strengthening Teacher-Learning and Results for States’ (STARS) project — funded by the World Bank.

The grasping power of a child is greatest between the age of three and five. The National Education Policy was missing out in this age group which is one of the most crucial ages for learning. Studies have revealed that literate mothers are the best teachers for the child of these ages and if the child is able to grasp the basics, he shines in academics.  Starting early helps the child better understand the concepts of language and mathematics. By the time, the kid enters formal education setup from Standard 1, he is well qualified and equipped to take on the world.

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