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Shifting the Affordability Paradigm: Calyx Group Emerges As the Only Sustained Leader in Pune

Dr Gaurav Somani – Director, Calyx Group

January 14, 2020, Pune, India–

There’s no place like home. Due to rising rent, gentrification and a recent economic surge, the city of India, Pune, is in dire need of affordable housing. 

“While we are in the real estate development arena for modest income families, our real estate focus in on community and uplifting families.” says Dr Gaurav Somani, Director of Calyx Group. There are many more sectors acknowledging that every successful and competitive community looking to compete in a global marketplace needs people, many of whom need affordable housing. There are multiple new partners at the table, from corporate leaders to the business community, academia, philanthropic community and local and state governments. The difference between Calyx group and most other real estate developers is a vision this group shares to make our community great for all citizens. Facilitating buyers with PMAY and other government schemes, the brand has catered hundreds of home buyers with the enhancement in their lifestyle quotient. 

Since last 60 years Calyx Group is engaged in building the premium spaces by venturing into the public-private infrastructure and township development, growing in international markets by leveraging them luxury and hospitality in India and overseas. 

Metro connectivity is set to further boost in Pune’s connectivity, live ability as well as capital values. Lifestyle-friendliness, quality social infrastructure and excellent connectivity are some determining factors that single out residential destinations created by Calyx Group.

Shifting the Affordability Paradigm: Calyx Group Emerges As the Only Sustained Leader in Pune
Dr Gaurav Somani – Director, Calyx Group

Spreading Wings in other Market Segments

Indian Agriculture has been and continues to be the cornerstone of the Indian economy for thousands of years. Considering the impulsion in agricultural export, lush green ‘Somani Farms’, a 900 acres of Sugarcane farm in the lap of Baramati was formed and today it is the largest high-tech farm in Maharashtra. 

Dr. Gaurav Somani’s original thinking, unique character, and diverse viewpoints made him establish a lasting rapport in the other industries right from steel plants to media and entertainment. 

One of his ventures ‘The Break Room’ has emerged as India’s best extravagant restaurant chain with the delight for all the food connoisseurs. “Stepping into hospitality is not enough. Creating milestone with continuing this fast-paced momentum is something different.” Says Dr. Gaurav Somani. The brand’s focus is to create consumer relevance and confidence through unprecedented quality and care and produce developer value by offering fair franchise terms, a competitive fee model, best-in-class support and a connection to Best India’s expansive scale-which is certainly important in advancing hotels’ negotiating power and creating advantageous environment. 

The rising popularity tells the story

While Calyx Group has certainly captured the attention of today’s buyer it has also proven its ability to deliver impressive results in the adverse market dynamics. Thousands of unsold inventories awaiting home buyers are left in Pune. Real estate industry is grappling with problems like buyer’s mindset post RERA, worsening of economic crises, demography and age of buyer, simulated options of affordable homes. Calyx Group dealt with all these issues with a smart digital move. A user-friendly smartphone application is ready to assist the home buyers for 24X7. 

For its valued customer this customised application, ‘Calyx One’ in one stop solution for the documentation process and construction updates. This has not only empowered the business credibility, but the customers are given with the several self-service options and the smart solution to all their queries.

Apartments at Calyx are carefully designed to offer the superior comfort to the home buyer. The results came to fruition in all the residential projects making it fastest growing real estate company which is emerging as a leader in Pune. Here’s all about Calyx Group everyone must go through

Dr. Gaurav Somani says, “In 2020 Calyx shall spread across 1 billion sq. ft. in Pune and in hospitality we aim to go pan India. From investment point of view, the real estate market is indeed more stable than the stock market. In the long term tends to pay off handsomely. Real estate is all about location, specifications, pricing, and execution, and investors rarely have much insight beyond their immediate location. In transactions, more access to information, more consolidated and professional management, and a slate of new technology-driven firms that offer a paradigm shift in the way we invest in real estate, are combining together to make it easy for the investors to profit from the world’s largest asset class.”

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