Russia’s war in Ukraine is leaving Africa hungry

As Ukraine’s ports are blocked for exports, Africa looks toward Putin to help resume food grain exports

Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine has had multi-fold repercussions around the globe. From the wiping out of innocent people to sanctions imposed, the war doesn’t stay within the boundaries of the nations involved in the conflict. It is much more than that.

A case in point is the manner in which the innocent people of the African region have been suffering. Ever since the conflict started, Ukraine’s ports in the Black Sea are more less blocked for exports. Out of fear of Russia’s attack through the seas, Ukraine has mined the ports to stay safe. The Ukraine authorities have been blaming Moscow for blockading the ports.

The situation has dealt a body blow on exports of food grains. Countries in the African region, major importers for that matter, have been left with nothing but suffering. Macky Sall, the head of the African Union, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia to let him know that the war has been hurting people around him.

Putin needs to act to help hungry Africa

Sall has made it known to the Russian President that, even though Africa is away from the scene of action of war, they are being handed much suffering. He has also requested aid on behalf of other countries in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Though Putin has denied that Moscow hasn’t been blocking Ukraine’s ports from exporting food grains, he also promised to ease the export of cereals and fertiliser.  The fact is that more than 40 percent of wheat consumed by the African people comes from Russia and Ukraine. And, with exports blocked, the African region would have to worry a lot.

Grain shortage pins down Africa

Grain shortage in Africa could lead to serious situations in Africa, and it is feared that 1.4 billion people would be impacted. Further, food shortage could spark mass migration too. Africa is already reeling under low harvests and insecurity. With food grain imports also being hit, the situation could be close to catastrophe.

A BBC report said that the African continent has seen huge hike in food prices ever since the war began. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has already sped past the 100-day mark, and it is hunger in Africa that has been a major outcome.  Chad, one of the countries in the African region, has already a state of food emergency. The region will need international assistance from the world to have food on their plates now.

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